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Poopy bum!

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I posted about the homeless cat I have taken in. He seems healthy and everything but now and then he gets poop on his bum and it smells pretty unpleasant.

My friend says I should use a wide tooth comb and brush it out but I am too nervous to do this. The cat is pretty huge (not fat just a big cat). He is about 20 pounds and has been homeless his whole life (about 6 years) so he's not used to being groomed or handled.

How do I clean this poo from his bum? He is a shorthaired cat. I am pretty nervous about it.

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I would watch him in the litterbox to make sure he doesn't have diarrhea- a good consistency stool is far less likely to get caught in the coat than a loose stool. Maybe since becoming a house cat his diet has changed and his system hasn't fully adjusted yet.

Can you pick him up and handle him at all?
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Thanks for the reply. What could I do if this were the case? I will have to check to make sure. I just found some poop on the carpet (how do you clean that?). I think you may be right about the diahrea. What can I do?
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To clean up poop you'll need an enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle or Nok Out- something that removes any imperceptible odors.

What is he eating now? How long has he been eating it? has he had diarrhea the whole time, or is this a new development?
A change of food might be in order.

Has he been checked for internal parasites?
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He has not been checked for internal parasites (this is stool testing you are talking about right?). He has been eating the same food the whole time - dry and wet food and sometimes chicken. He also drinks water of course.

I forgot to say - no I cannot pick him up and handle him.
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