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Charlie was my first cat after my housemate moved out, and I hadn't actually wanted a cat!! But her owner had died, and her owners son told my neighbour (who no longer did cat rescue) that if she didn't find her a home, he would microwave her, so she thought of me, as she was a pure white. Have to admit that there wasn't a good bond between us though, looking back, I know it was just cos the poor thing had had her world turned upside down - sadly, 9 weeks later, she started fitting in the early hours of the morning, and despite being on morphine for nearly 2 days, she died. i do regret listening to my neighbour when we went to visit her though, as I had no idea what to do, and sadly my neighbours opinion is that if there is the slightest chance that they could live, we have to give it to them - as a result, she died alone at the vets about an hour and a half after we left her. Having Charlie did shape my life though, I went to the local CP the day after as I couldn't bear not to have any cats in my life, and it was the start of a lot of cats coming and going - she did make me realise how satisfying it was to have oldies, and know that however long they had with me, they died in a happy, loving home environment rather than a shelter. Sadly I dont have any pics of Charlie (again, something that hasn't happened since, she made me realise the need for pics). Today is the 4th anniversary of her death, and it is something I am fine with, just wanted to put a tribute on about her, as while I dont miss her as such, she did make a big impact on my life. RIP little one, I know you will be up their with your true mum.
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Rest in peace Charlie.
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I'm very sorry for the loss of Charlie. She sounds like a beautiful girl. Rest in peace, Charlie!
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Bless her heart she sounds gorgeous as well

I'm sure your having a wonderful time over at the bridge Charlie, and that you've made lots of new friends along the way

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Rest in peace, Charlie. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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RIP Charlie .....
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Charlie sounded like a very beautiful cat and I'm sorry for your loss of your first baby. May she now enjoy a wonderful life at the rainbow bridge, until you meet again.
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What a beautiful way to pay tribute to Charlie - all the kitties in your life now and in the future love her for it And you are right, she joined her true meowmmy over RB; sometimes Heaven just wouldn't be heaven if you have to be there without your cat.
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i do hope so - as I said, I wasn't going to get any cats when I unexpectedly took her on, and have had 6 permanents, 18 foster cats and 5 foster kittens since then, so I think she has had a big impact, and maybe that is reason she was only in my life for a short time (my second cat came from a local rescue who I then fostered for, and that might not have happened if Charlie had been with me for years) - or maybe she was just tired, and wanted to be with her true mum.
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What a lovely tribute!

I'm sure Charlie knew the affect she had on you and wanted to spread her love before she was reunited with her true Mum!

I know your others are thankful to her too!
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So sorry to hear about Charlie..RIP Sweet charlie
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