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After the party

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I have just woken up the night after my birthday party.

I would stay in bed for a bit longer but my friend is passed out in there and is hogging all the duvet

We had a Bollywood theme which was the best idea ever! All the girls looked lovely and the guys stuck fake moustaches on.

My friend did henna tattoos on everyone and we had a shisha pipe tent in the garden.

My mum cooked loads of Indian foods and we spiked everything with edible glitter to give it a Bollywood shine

The only sad thing is that I didnt take many photos as I was running around half the night trying to take care of everyone (two passed out and one couple that had to be escorted out of my bathroom )

Loads more people then I had anticipated showed up. Whenever I have parties I always get scared that no-ones going to show so only plan for half the amount I invited, but most people showed.

Was a great night!

I wish all you guys could ahve made it!
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Hey, it sure sounds like you had a blast! Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday!
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Sounds like you had a great time
Do we get to see photos (when you sober up)
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten View Post

I wish all you guys could ahve made it!

You mean we were invited?I missed that one

Never mind,Glad you had a great birthday party I Look forward to the piccys
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I was there didn't you see me, short small redhead, huh maybe I went to the wrong house, anyways if I didn't say it Thanks !!!! and glad you had a great party
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I'm glad you have fun at your part! Happy late birthday!!
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i wanna see some photos!
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