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Lily hates her collar

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Poor baby.... She had a collar put on her from the shelter when we got her, but it's really ugly, so we took it off and got her a new one (a blue version of Stumpy's). Unfortunately it's way too big still for her little neck so she hasn't been wearing one at all.

I decided I should put a collar on her for her shots last week just in case I got in trouble for not having her collar on her... She HATED it! She rolled around, and was trying to bite it and getting really upset, so I took it off her.

I just tried her new collar again just to get an idea of how big it is, and she went nuts again, and managed to get her mouth around it which of course is not very nice for a kitty! Because it was too big, she got her mouth off prety easy, but I realised I really need to keep her wearing her old ugly kitten collar because it'll be easier to have her get used to it now rather than in 3 months time!

So she had it on, and was trying to bite it again, so I made it a bit tighter, and I don't think she can get it stuck around her mouth/paws now... She hates me now though, and won't come near me.

Oh well, she's got to get used to it.... I'm just worried she'll manage to try and bite it again, or get a paw stuck in it and be stuck like that all night! Maybe I'll only make her wear it when I can watch her initially....

Poor baby
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I don't understand. Why do you think you'd get in trouble if you took her to the Vet without a collar? I've never put collars on any of my cats, taken them to the Vet's, and no one said anything to me.

I'm actually scared to use collars on a cat. I always worry that they'll get it caught in something, and choke to death, and I'm also scare of them getting it caught in their mouth of teeth or stuck with their feet in it. Anyway, I don't think there is any law that you have to have a collar on a cat, and especially if they're indoor only cats.
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Like Hope I do not put collars on my cats either. My cats are indoor/outdoor so they ran a highter risk of being tangled by wearing them.
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I don't think you would get in trouble at the vets, but I understand you wanting them to wear one. Marlee and Milo are both indoor only cats, but I live in a college town and want them to have a collar with my number in case they ever get out the door and I'm not able to grab them. Lily will get used to it! Marlee got used to hers fairly quickly when she was little. Milo seems to be a bit more aggravated by it, but keeps getting better.
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Well they hade sure she was wearing a collar when she left, which had her microchip tag and her county ID tag. I knew I wouldn't get in "trouble" as such, but because I know the vets and vet techs I thought they might teasingly give me a hard time

Stumpy's indoor only and I make sure she has a collar, and I'll do the same with Lily, because if they do manage to get out of the house and get lost, the tag has their City ID number as well as Animal Services phone number, so they'll get returned to me much faster.

I use the collars with the Safe Cat clasp which seems really good for undoing if they get caught.
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My Loki won't wear a collar at all. He absolutely hates it! He's an indoor boy so not a problem. Jacob (my grandcat) wears a collar, but he loves his. Everytime he gets a new rabies tag from the vet, he preens and cranes his neck so he can look at his pretty tags!
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post

I use the collars with the Safe Cat clasp which seems really good for undoing if they get caught.
Thats the kind we have for Harley too.

Harley never liked his collars at first either, but he's so used to them, that he doesn't mind them anymore. Davidson is still too small to get one for him, but he'll be getting one as soon as he's big enough.

My boys will always wear collars - Harley got out one night when we were gone for a weekend, and the only way my friends knew it was Harley when they found him outside, was by his collar and tags. I would have been devistated if they wouldn't have been able to recognize him!

I'm sure Lily will get used to it sooner or later Good luck!
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Lily will get used to it.

Neither of my kitties have collars. When they grow a bit I'll get them some. Just now since they're growing so much I want to wait, although I know it will be harder for them to get used to it later in life. Hmmm. . .I think maybe I won't wait.
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Yah that's what I thought... She came with a kitten sized collar, so I figured I might as well use it even though it's ugly....
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I'll move this to care and grooming
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Ok, I debated a bit over where to put it, and I decided I was only giggling over her annoyance, but this is a fine spot for it
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All of my girls have collars with the proper id and rabies tags. They are all indoor-only...but i would neve risk not collaring them just in case they ever slipped out the door. I hope your little Lily gets used to the idea of a collar .
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Was really funny to watch the first time Ling had a collar around her neck. Took her weeks of taking it off (she did it), before she left it alone. I got the smallest one they had (only cause I need a bell on her to see where she is in the house) and its still too big - she's little and slender. But she leaves it on longer now - still gets it off sometimes

Keep working at it - sooner or later your cat will leave it alone.
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My Fawn was a little demon about the collar at first. I won't tell the whole tale again, but suffice to say we had a major battle of wills for a few weeks. However, she did get used to it, and now whenever she loses one -- which does happen from time to time -- she comes to me at the first opportunity to show me her bare neck and waits patiently while I put the spare on her. It's only a matter of time and patience. Hang in there.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
the tag has their City ID number as well as Animal Services phone number, so they'll get returned to me much faster.
Both of my cats are indoor only kitties and both have tattoos inside their right ear (right ear indicates spayed/neutered).

The tattoo is a number that is unique to the animal and the owner. After the tattoo is given to the animal, the number and information such as pet's name, owner's name, address, and phone number, are forwarded to the local Humane Society. This information is kept on file there and is used to reunite lost pets with their owners.

The system works well, like a micro chip does, only a tattoo isn't hidden under the skin like the micro chip is. It's the owner's responsibility to keep their contact information on file with the Humane Society current.
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My Gizmo hates her collar but tolerates it. I want her ID on her in case there is a fire in the apartment building. Firemen breaking down a door and rescuing a cat wont take time to write down the apartment number.

Since I live on the fifth floor of an apartment building it is highly unlikely that Gizmo will get outside; her idea of a good time is playing in the hallway. But I take the precaution regardless. Identification is a 'must' when you have a house where a cat can get out the door in a flash. The craigslist in my town is full of ads for lost cats without i.d. who managed to get out when the owner wasn't looking.
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By the way I just posted a new thread on cotton collars. These are available and might be more tolerable to your cat, as it appears to be with mine.
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I wanted to recommend Rogz kitty collars! They're awesome- and if a kitty ever found itself trapped or could break out of them - i really like the Sushi collars Velvet has a pink one
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We had a Kitty Rogz for our furkids back in Australia and I looked for them over here, but couldn't find them. We had the blue Elastocat one with the cool kitty heads on it.

I really like those snap off clasps, and we currently have ones with "Safe Cat" clasps which are similar.

As an update - I made Lily's collar a bit firmer than I normally would so she couldn't get her paws/ mouth around it, and she was fine. Because it wasn't loose, it didn't annoy her.

I've since loosened it now that she's used to it, but it's on the last hole on the kitten collar, and fairly firm, and her adult collar is still way too big for her. I think there'll have to be a period that she doesn't wear a collar anyway! Oh well.
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