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how good is a cat's balance?

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Lately my kitty Monty has had a thing about running into the hallway of the apartment we live in whenever the door is opened. This wasn't a major problem before because he used to just want to go to the end of the hall to sharpen his claws on one of my neighbors' Welcome mat.

But, today he did something really scary. He jumped up onto the banister that goes over a marble staircase. The banister is smooth and rounded and little more than the width of a door and if he slipped in the wrong direction he would fall 12 ft onto the marble stairs.

I didn't know how to get him down and was afraid to get too close and mess up his balance. But, eventually my boyfriend grabbed him off of the banister.

I was wondering, what can I do after trying my best to keep him from getting out? How do I prevent him from jumping up there if he busts out? It's a really smooth banister and I'm really afraid that he might fall.. not so much when he's just walking around up there, but mostly when he jumps up. And is there a good way to get him down without increasing the chances he'll fall?

I know that I can probably prevent him from getting out 99% of the time but I need a plan B, especially with pet sitters.
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You see this photo?

Well, I've caught my kittens go through the spaces and zigzag along the narrow ledge. I believe they gave me several heart attacks. Now they are climbing trees and everything. I've learned to trust their amazing balancing skills.
Of course accidents happen. QT in the photo broke her rear leg from falling off the roof.
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story time

a long time ago when i lived in an apartment on the second floor, my cat would jump from ground to the balcony rail, which is about four feet. and then walk on it. the rail was about 3" wide or less.

the most interesting thing about this that below us was a yard with a fully grown rot weiler!

sometimes my cat would sit on the ground and look down at the dog while it barked insessantly at it. the cat would just look at him like, 'buddy, barking does nothing.'

hehe, just my little input. not much help. but it reminded me.
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They don't have any fear of falling do they... They are certainly sure of themselves.. Probably I should let Monty's claws grow out. I've been keeping them trimmed short but it seems they lose their ability to stick on things when their claws are short.

Yayi, that would totally freak me out seeing the kittens going through the holes. I have a balcony of the same style as yours except the holes are bigger. I don't let my kitties on it because it is on the third floor over a parking lot. Also, Bootsie doesn't have very good balance because she was born with a spinal deformity. I'm also afraid of having a 'roof accident'.

DreamingRecover, sounds like your kitty just enjoyed seeing the rotweiler angry. Probably thought that was pretty funny. I do too
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