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Introducting Cats: Instilling Danger Sense, Using Feliway

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Good day all,

The Scenario:

These questions are on the avoidance of violence between a new kitten I recently saved and brought home, and an older, aggressive resident cat that I have.

Basically, I've done the oft recommended steps for introducing a new cat to an old one as written in the many FAQs I have perused on the net. I am now at the introduction face-to-face stage but I have a major problem, actually two. These are:

1. Very aggressive resident cat, probably jealous. Disposition at usual times, even before introduction of kitten: Usually surly, at times attacks owner while stroking, or bites ankles for no reason.
2. Even of greater concern is a totally innocent kitten, with no concept of danger, ignores resident's hisses, spittings, and other obvious signs of aggression and charges headlong at her, probably seeing resident as mother figure with which to have a good game of tumble.

Our concern is that little kitten is going to do herself an injury if ever resident gets too cornered. At present, larger resident when charged by kitten turns tail and runs (the coward!) but when cornered, will put up a wall of scratching claws whirling like so many flashing knife edges (reminiscent of Wesley Snipes in Blade). We're worried she'll injure an eye or do really bad damage.


1. Feliway
We were told that Feliway would help but after buying a bottle, and again scouring the net, I see only lots of advice on its use to avoid scratching, spraying, aggression towards humans, etc.

I can't see any advice pertinent to its use in conjunction with slowly letting new kitten enter the rest of the house out of the isolated room. Such as when, where, etc. I'm thinking obviously, right outside the door, but where else? Resident's favourite haunts? In front of resident's face or body, perhaps?

The where and when are difficult to find.

2. Sense of Danger
How do we get new kitten to understand it is dangerous to approach resident cat? I don't like the idea of using negative reinforcement, but if that's the only way...

For instance, it was suggested to me that I get resident's cat's claws trimmed and filed really smooth, then during the introduction, when new kitten runs for resident cat, she'll get swiped at, but be uninjured, and hopefully get the message not to approach.

Finally, at what stage would any of you consider that you have to give up the introduction, and sadly, your newly acquired kitten?

Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like a normal exchange between unfamiliar cats. The older cat (I don't think he is aggressive, just more of the non-lap kitty) is not actually seeking out the kitten to harm it so that is a good sign. Feliway should help and also try the "vanilla" trick mentioned in the intro sticky.
Good luck!
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