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Thread Starter's Saturday night? Anyone make anything good for supper? I love to cook when I have time, which is rarely during the week, so weekends are fun for me!!!

We're having BBQ chicken, baked sweet potatoes (with brown sugar and butter), and homemade baked beans.

Yummy!!! (hoping kids will eat sweet potatoes)
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Home made sausage and mushroom pizza. I think I've finally worked out my cornmeal pizza crust!!
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Homemade meatball subs
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Chicken marinated in whatever I threw together last night that I can't completely remember but it smells good, with baked potato and corn
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We had Sheperds Pie string beans and a salad.
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I'm not sure what we're eating, and I'm starting to get really hungry.. and a lot of the things in earlier posts sound really yummy..

~ We're having tacos.. yummy!
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Honey made Hamburger helper cheesy hashbrowns with ground turkey instead of hamburger! YUMMY!
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we had frozen candadian bacon pizza with pineapple.
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I had chocolate cream pie
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
I had chocolate cream pie
Well that is just not fair!
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We went out for a big lunch, so we didn't have a big supper
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Maikai Spare Ribs. SO GOOD!
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I'm at my parents' house for the weekend, so my parents made my dad's amazing baby back ribs and barbequed chicken, baked potatos, mango salsa, it was delicious! Man, I miss being home and I hate hate hate having to budget my food money.
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I did!! I made chicken parmesan alfredo. It's basically alfredo with parmesan cheese mixed in the sauce. It is soo good.
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