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Back from no-computer land!

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Hello - I got connected again today after almost three weeks off line. Horrible feeling. Anyway, an update. The move went well - all cats handled the travelling very well and we are all well settled in our new home. At present they are still only going out on harnesses - except Napoleon escaped and was out all night when one of the summer school students left a toilet window open. Fortunately he came immediately when I called at 7 Am. Wellington managed to climb out of a skylight onto the roof, which is very steep, but was so scared he came back almost at once when he was called. I also have to put grills on the windows as the ledges are dangerous. So much cat proofing to do! Otherwise, apart from no internet or even phone line, and an overflowing septic tank to deal with, there have been no emergencies. My 9 students have had fun and have been a great help in the house, which is now almost looking like a home, though there is still an awful lot to do. But I know it will be fine. Anyway, I will post some pix soon, and I'm glad to be back!
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Welcome back Jenny! I'm glad things are going well. It would be Napoleon and Wellington getting into trouble, wouldn't it!

Can't wait to see pictures of your new home!

How is your friend doing...the one who helped you drive out there?
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Hi and welcome back!!

Glad the move went well and the kitties are ok...they seem to be settling in well
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Welcome back...can't wait to see more photos of your so very lovely new home (I love it, I love it, I want something like it!!)
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Hi Jenny!!!
I've dealt with a overflowing spetic (yuck!!)
You all seem well!!!
I too cannot wait for pictures!!
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Hi Jenny and welcome back to the land of the net!

I'm so pleased to hear that you're all settling well and the cats are finding their way around! It must be a wonderful feeling to see some assemblance of order coming in!

I look forward to seeing pictures!
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Jenny, I kept wondering how you were getting along........glad to hear no real big emergencies.........I can't wait for the pics!!!
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Hi Jenny! Sounds like you life is pretty hectic right now !
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Glad to hear that things are going well for you and I can't wait to see pics!!
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Great to hear from you! Have the kitties been working on how to meow in French? Naughty boys!
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Hi, and welcome back! I know what it's like to be cdisconnnected ffrom the net for a long time.
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Right now I am siting in my library while students build bookcases all around me! It has been great having ten students here, though I seem to have been doing nothing but feed them. They have really helped get things together, as well as cat walking etc. TOday I took them on a trip tot he Normandy landing beaches, and tomorrow they go horse riding again. As well as English classes, gardening, painting etc. Chaos but great fun. The cats are making friends through the glass door with a black feral, who is very curious about what is going on. I hope I can tame him a bit. First I must get him to a vet, and not all will deal with ferals of course. I have started to feed him, which he enjoys.

I will try to catch up slowly with what is going on with you all, so forgive me if I do not know what you are all doing.
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welcome back!!!!
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