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LOL! Its sounds like you have your hands full. Well, I guess your timing must be off because as long as she seems healthy she is probably just fine. Both of my cats started pacing the house and meowing alot right before they went into labor. One even jumped up on the couch, layed down next to me and started going into labor. That was a shock! I freaked out, carefully picked her up, and put her into her box which was a few feet away. She did great. She was over 10 days late and yet gave birth without any problems. Just have patience and ,as long as everything seems to be fine with the mama, just give her time and let her do her thing. When she's ready, she'll let you know. Oh yeah, and almost all cats go into labor at night. Mine both went into labor late at night anf finished giving birth early in the morning. Good luck!
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Well, I hugged Tammy-Timmy this morning before I went to work and got kicked by one of the kits for my trouble.

Tammy-Timmy didn't run around the house crying today. She isn't jumping up and down anymore. She just kid of sat and looked at me when I left, instead of trying to take the rest of the color off Pete's fur on his face.

Could this be the sign we are awaiting????
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Maybe! There is usually a major change in behavior right before a female goes into labor.
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I've got to tell you guys, my office is so happy that you all are around to keep me under control. They (the office) are ready to hang me from the nearest lightpole and leave me there for a week.

Last Friday was "don't talk to Janet day, we have no kits". One of the other girls didn't come in today (she said she was sick), but I know she didn't want to hear, "no kits today either."

I really am glad you guys are around.
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Just out of curiosity, how long would a false pregnancy last? Does it just go away or do you need to do something (or a vet do something) to 'cure' the problem?
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telynn, I just copied this from a website for you:
"False pregnancy may resolve itself on its own. However, it is common for false pregnancy to reoccur and for complications to occur. Medication is sometimes prescribed, however spaying is often the best solution. "

Yet, another site says that it fades away in a couple weeks. I don't know which one is right, but I would agree that the only way to stop a cat from having false pregnancies is to spay her.

I also copied this from another website:
"There are two possible causes for false pregnancy in cats. One is, she releases eggs without apparent reason. Second, she mated with a neutered male, and the mating caused her to release eggs. As a result she undergoes hormonal changes that make her look like she’s pregnant. She can even gain weight!"

Hope this helps you.
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Actually I don't know. I had never heard of "false pregnancy" before I got Tammy-Timmy. According to the information on the 'net, it lasts until the next heat starts.

One of the reasons I kept such close tabs on Tammy was I wondered if this was a "false pregnancy" and I was getting delusional. But she has not come into heat and if she wasn't pregnant, she would be in heat screaming her head off to go out. She won't go near the door.
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Deep breath!! It's like the saying a watched pot never boils...a watched cat never has kits it seems!!!

Go take a nice bubble bath, have a glass of wine (no tranquilizers mixed in!! lol) and breathe!!!

We're all here impatiently waiting with you!!!
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Waiting for kittens will drive you crazy especially when you don't know the due date. I agree with the last post (the pot boiling part ), find something else to occupy yourself, other than thinking about the kittens. I know it is easier said then done, but I'd try. This way you'll be able to keep your sanity.

I have to admit, I keep checking back to see if they've come yet. I think you've got a lot of people waiting for these babies.
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Today is the 28th of September. I have had Tammy-Timmy for two months now and yes......NO KITS!!!

I am so hoping that this weekend will produce a blessed event, or I may have to find a good psychiatrist, because I am delusional.

Thanks all for the support, being as old as I am, I have no patience.
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Lecture follows:
I think maybe the best thing to do now is to stay as calm as you can... she knows you are all worried and tense--cats always know--and really, it's not helping an expecting momcat to know her owner is anxious. I recommend chocolate-covered cherries and a good book...

That said: Are you feeding kitten food yet? It's recommended for pregnant cats, because they have to feed the kittens too; and because when the kittens are weaned she can take them to her food.

A vet checkup can confirm whether she's doing OK and how far along she is--it's a good idea when you get a new cat, anyway.
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Oh honey, thank you. She was at the vets a couple of months ago. I know cats sense things, and I wonder if she is feeding off my unease to jump and run all over the house.

She has been on kitten chow since she came into my house. I knew she was pregnant the minute I picked her up. so I put her on kitten chow.

I'll take the chocolate covered cherries marinated in vodka and served with ice, thank you. Giant sized, please.

You are sweet, thank you.
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Hoping your kitty has her babies soon! Sending prayers, tequila and warm, go-into-labor vibes! :P
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Oh God bless you, Tequila, mmmmmm, slurp, slurp, AHHHHHHH........

I stayed home from work today, I have torn apart my bed, washing all the blankets, and all the covers on the sofa, chair and in the kitty litter room that are used in the boxes I have set up for her. Maybe with completely clean everything, she might decide that it is safe to trust this idiot with her babies.

She has STOPPED jumping all over everything. Now it is a digified, leap to the desk, lay down and rest, leap to the floor 20 minutes later, then off to go to sleep. Maybe, just maybe.....
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Awww please, please keep us updated! *HUGS!* *praying that its soon!* I have a stray I have been feeding that also looks like she should pop any day lol, i put out boxes for her, so I hope she has them in one of them soon!! lol
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SIGH*****No kits.

Well, today I think I will wash the kitchen floor, clean the tub, vac the carpets, go to the post office, go shopping (for vodka of course) and maybe by the end of the day, I'll have the kits.
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lol it will happen when it happen's , even though i do keep checking this post ,be sure to take lot's of piccy's lol good luck
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I am watching Tammy-Timmy sleep and every now and then, her little belly rolls. I guess that would be considered movement, so I guess everyone is OK so far.

I have figured out why we have no kits yet, it looks like they are playing soccer and the game is NOT over yet.

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LOL! i keep checking here, too! Hoping for babies soon! Has she gotten any bigger? Have you felt or seen more movement?
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lol WE POSTED AT THE SAME TIME! This must be so frustrating! Finish the game, babies! And make your debut already!!! lol
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Hey, ummm....do cats "drop" before they give birth? Tammy has always looked so funny walking down the hall with a hula hoop attached to her, now I notice that she still has roundness in the sides, but it looks like there is a lot more weight in the belly area. Is this normal?
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I am not sure, but that sounds like it would happen! I have been watching the pregnant stray for signs like that, too.

Any babies yet!?
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I'm glad to hear she's calming down(even if you aren't, LOL!). Just keep your eye on her and make she she isn't getting too calm. If she starts getting lethargic or get a temperature(average temp is 101-102) then you need to get her to the vet immediately! That is a sign of a definite problem!

I'm sure I have already told you this a billion times, but when my cat was preggers, she started getting a temp and becoming lethargic and I called the vet and they said that she may be going into labor and they scheduled me for an appointment a for couple days later. The next day she was worse and I called a different vet and they told me to bring her in immediately and that it was VERY serious. So, I brought her in and hear is what had happened. The doctor told me that my cat had tried to abort on of her kittens late in the pregnancy and that she was unable to expell it and so the kitten got stuck in the birth canal and began rotting. That caused an infection, which caused the mama cat to get the temperature.(104!) The other kittens were alive, but were already decomposing and the vet said they were too far gone to save. Mama barely made it and they had to remove her entire uterus.

Soooo, moral of the story, keep your eye on the mama cat and if you notice anything unusual, rush her to the vet!
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AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH......67th day and no kits. No kits probably tonight. She is eating like a horse. She ate half a bowl of kitten chow.

AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH......I need vodka......psychiatrist........tranquilizers...........AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH......Wh at am I doing with a pregnant cat that will not give birth?????????

I know, deep breath, deep breath, deep breath......OK.....AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH.......
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Well, I think I will be calmer today. This is the 68th day with no kits. She is beginning to look a little anxious and is checking out every corner she can find.

I promise I will not scream today.
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You know I don't understand this. I just called my vet and I was told, that if Tammy-Timmy hasn't given birth by Friday, I need to take her to an animal hospital for x-rays and see if there is a problem. Does anyone know how much that will cost?

I thought my vet handled all that stuff and I feel like I am getting the brush-off. I do understand that they are overworked, but I woud not feel very comfortable taking Tammy-Timmy anywhere else. Darn it.
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It's possible your vet's office might not have an x-ray machine, and if you take her in there, they'd just have to refer you to the hospital to get the x-rays done anyways. I guess since she should be giving birth soon they may want the x-rays to ensure there's nothing lodged/blocking the birth canal.

Good luck! But at least now you know if there are no kits by Friday, you'll be able to get some sort of answer from the x-rays!
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Well, I don't know about your vet, but at mine, an x-ray costs about $70. Then again, it's an expensive vet and I'm sure there are cheaper ones out there. An x-ray will tell the vet (1)how many kittens are in there, (2)how big they are(that way they know how far along the mama is), and (3) if there is a kitten in the birth canal.

The vet will probably also check with his finger whether or not your cat is dilated.(That will let him know if she is already in labor) Between that and the normal checkup stuff I would say that all-in-all it will cost around $100, maybe less. Of course, that is if there are no complications. If she needs a c-section then it will be more.( total of about $500-600)

I hope everything is alright wither her and am sending labor vibes so she will give birth before Friday!

Good luck!
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I lied. I'm going to scream. AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH. I talked to the people at the animal hospital. They charge $37.50 for an appointment and $60.00 for x-rays.

They were very nice. They told me that if Tammy is eating, drinking, pottyinig, playing, moving around, no runny eyes, no runny nose.......not to worry. She just isn't ready.

OK. I appreciated the time they spent with me, I'll be going home from work soon and I will find a corner to hide in and cry.

PS: I appreciate all the help and hand-holding from all of you guys here. Thank you very much. Now I will cry.
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