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Ok, it looks like we are gearing up again. Tammy-Timmy is getting thinner. I tore the house apart looking for the possibility of kits, but heard nothing, saw nothing, found nothing. *****sigh*****

ChanKahli has become very afraid of me. She sees me coming and runs. KittenKiya just sleeps. Pete sees Tammy or me and runs.

I am hearing this.....Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.....then nothing. The a few minutes later, mewo, meow, mewo, meow, brrrruuuppp.

She wants me close to her all the time, she is now sitting on the computer top everytime I am at the computer, and looking out the window when I am not at the computer.

I petted her this morning and her rump headed for the ceiling, so I am assuming that she will be coming into heat soon. This idea of a "false pregnancy" sucks. It drives the cat's system into overdrive for nothing and drives the human part of the family in eating, drinking, bathing in vodka (or some other choice of hard stuff). I am just wrecked.
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We did have a quiet evening, thank God. Tammy-Timmy started her usual routine, chasing Pete, pissiing off ChanKahli. KittneKiya just sits above all of this and just watches.

She was into my breakfast, tried to drink my coffee, wanted to put on my bra, didn't like the color of the shirt I decided to wear, screamed at the door of the bedroom to be let out and then ran back in again.

They are going to be calling me the "tranquilizer kid" pretty soon. I hope the 24th comes real quick.
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She is getting thinner? Hmmm... does she still feel like she has babies in her tummy? How strange. I sure hope everything is ok. Please keep us updated. I check here every time I can for an update on this sweet girl, and also, your sanity. lol *HUGS*
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Oh thank you honey. I really feel that she had a "false pregnancy". I have an appointment on the 24th to take her to the vets to get spayed. The vet said that if anything happened, discharge, whatever, to call her immediately. I don't think there is a problem or we would have seen symptoms by now. I don't know what I felt moving (because I DID feel movement) and I don't know what the heck is going on, but Tammy-Timmy is fine and well, I'll just keep the vodka and the tranquilizers close by until the 24th and see what the vet says.

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Originally Posted by KittenKiya View Post
Oh thank you honey. I really feel that she had a "false pregnancy". I have an appointment on the 24th to take her to the vets to get spayed. The vet said that if anything happened, discharge, whatever, to call her immediately. I don't think there is a problem or we would have seen symptoms by now. I don't know what I felt moving (because I DID feel movement) and I don't know what the heck is going on, but Tammy-Timmy is fine and well, I'll just keep the vodka and the tranquilizers close by until the 24th and see what the vet says.

Well...I know it's just an old wives tale,but the new moon is th 22nd of this month,and I've always heard that babies are born close to the new moon!! Surely if you've seen them moving,they are in there!!! Just wait...she'll be sitting in your lap in a few days and she'll give you a surprise!!
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If it does turn out to be a false pregnancy, you could foster a pregnant kitty for a shelter. That way you get the whole kitten experience without any of the "Oh crap I let my cat get pregnant and now there'll be more homeless kittens" guilt.
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Well guys, a real quiet weekend. She just chased Pete and ChanKahli all over the house, got KittenKiya so riled up that he spit at her and hissed ( I don't think I have heard KittenKiya spit or hiss in 5 years), knocked over the water glass at the computer ( I was smarter this time, the water glass was on the side that wouldn't run over the keyboard), pushed my bedroom door open, which meant I had to do a rush and rescue because Pete is not allowed in there and you know he was the first one in......she did too. I think Pete put her up to it. I got my lunch ready to eat and went into the bedroom to eat and watch TV and there she was. She wants iin, she wants out, she wants up she wants down. She is eating like a horse, but is NOT pregnant looking anymore. I tell you, I have never seen anything like this in my life.

I have decided that since no one was killed today, I will let them all party late this afternoon on catnip, and that way, they will sleep all night and I won't have to worry about having people scratch at the door, push their way in, etc., etc., etc.

I will tell you this, I am very happy I have her. Not so much for the emotional damage that has been done, ( expecting kits and not getting any) but for the learning experience and the bonding. She likes me. She just likes me. I can't wait for her to go into heat.
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Started in again this morning. Screaming at the door. Let her in, she wants out. Chased Pete into kitty litter room and chased KittenKiya out of kitty litter room.

Ran around with the plastic round thing from a gallon of milk, crashed into the wall. Bounced off, looked around and said, "what happened"?

From a running strat, jumped on my bedroom door and OPENED the door! Growled at ChanKahli, chased her away from the food and water, drove her up to the top of the condo.......7 more days and she gets spayed. Then I think we will all sleep.

I think I will quietly sit down, have a vodka coffee with vodka toast and Kaluha syrup and vodka butter. That should quiet MY morning down.
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Tammy-Timmy sounds like a wild a crazy kitty! I have one of those in my house hold, too!! That is just so strange the false pregnancy. I know they happen,but to go through all the signs and then nothing. Could you imagine having 5/6/7 baby Tammy-Timmy's running around?
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I just wanted to say I love reading this thread everyday to read up on her progress it cracks me up!
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I have got to share this with all of you. I have been working with the cats to re-introduce them to my bedroom. The bedroom had been off limits to everyone except Tammy-Timmy, because I thought she was going to have kits.

Pete, ChanKahli and KittenKiya and Tammy all came in last night and looked around, checked out the corners, you know, the cat thing. Pete went into the bookcase that I had set up for Tammy.....and I thought Pete was going to lose his head. Tammy jumped at him and kicked him out of the room. KittenKiya and ChanKahli took off also, so only Tammy was in the bedroom.

I closed the door and tried to calm Tammy down, and she jumped off the bed and tackled my shoe. (redirected agression I guess) But you have to picture this: Tammy has a blue plastic ring in her mouth from the gallon of milk. She was playing with the ring and decided that she was going to attack the shoe. She has the ring, my shoelace in her mouth, and then she put her two front paws in the shoe. Then she put one of her back paws in the shoe too. So she's on the floor, three paws in the shoe, the fourth paw is kicking the daylights out of the shoe.....the shoe tipped over and here is Tammy, almost spread-eagled on the floor, with three paws in the shoe, shoelaces and blue ring in her mouth, with this "what the hell happened" look on her face! She finally got out of the shoe and decided it was time for a nap. If I could bottle this kit, I would make a million dollars.
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Oh to have been a fly on the wall! (But then I would have been attacked by Tammy.)
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LOL what a character! She sounds so adorable! <3
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Well, she has turned my world upside down, has my other cats begging for more drugs ( catnip), has even gotten them looking into my vodka cup, slurping on the ice cubes, hiding under the chair (Pete was there for three days)......but she IS adorable and certainly has won my heart.

She is going to make a wonderful addition to my home and she's the one I am going to train to go out on the halter and leash. I think she will be perfect.
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Are you still taking her to the vet on the 24th to find out what happened???
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If I don't kill her first. I came home last night and she met me at the window, looked at me and then ran like hell.

I got into the house, didn't see anything out of whack, made something to eat and headed to the bedroom to watch the news.....and I spotted something funny on the floor by the table. I couldn't identify it right away.

I put my supper down on the desk near the computer and took a closer look.....dear God it was glass! I'm thinking, "what the hell is glass doing on the floor?" I looked on the table, trying to think of what was made of glass that may have fallen....hmmmmmm, yep, my crock pot. My 6 quart crock pot with the GLASS lid was on the floor, and the lid is no more. They were running and jumping all over the place and Tammy-Timmy is the only one small enough to get into the crock pot. Thank God it broke up into safety glass, you know the rounded edges, and no one was cut. I also learned something new last night. When you scream, it clears the room of all the cats, KittenKiya was up on the top of the cabinet over the washing machine, ChanKahli went "pouff", Pete levitated under the chair, and Tammy just looked at me.....and three ferals outside flew off the porch.

The crowning touch of course, was that while I was cleaning up the glass, Tammy-Timmy ate my supper. Do you understand the word, "pissed?" That's me.

So yes, if I don't kill her, she's going to the vet's on the 24th.
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You should make a story of this. It would be VERY funny and your a good storyteller. LOL!

Do you think she might have had a miscarriage and eaten the kittens? If you saw them moving then she was definately pregnantand it wasn't false. Her body may also have reabsorbed them but I didn't think that was possible so late into the pregnancy. I hope your vet can give you some closure on the matter.

Also, keep posting the funny stories. I knows it's a nightmare to live it, but it's very funny, heehee!
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Honey, with this cat, I'm willing to believe anything. I KNOW I felt movement. I KNOW I saw movement, and I wasn't drunk. I just don't know what happened with this cat.
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I can't believe she hasn't had her kittens yet!!! I haven't logged on for a while, and although I read this thread I think I've only posted to it once some time ago. But I try to check in at least occationally to see if the kittens have arrived. I thought FOR SURE THIS TIME the kittens would be here. I'm looking forward to hearing the report from your vet visit. Just hang in there a little longer. Hopefully soon you'll have some answers to make since of all of this.
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This is the last weekend of this madness. Tammy-Timmy goes in Tuesday to be spayed.

She is simply unmanagable. Up on the table, down off the table, biting Pete's tail, lickiing his face raw, nipping KittenKiya's leg, which sends him into orbit, running down the hall knocking over trash buckets, jumping up on the counter in the bathroom and tackling the toilet paper, knocking over anything that is not nailed down. I have had to rescue more dishes and silverware than I ever knew I owned. Almost knocked over the fan, pushed the candles on the floor, jumps up to take the cloth out of the bedroom door so she can open it for Pete, who is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN THERE!!!! Walking across my keyboard and jumping up on the computer, turning on the light when I want if off, turning off the light when I want it on, knocking my books over, pushing my plates off the desk.

God I really do love this cat. She is like a breath of fresh air, I just wish she wasn't so much of a hurricane. That's probably going to be her nickname, Hurricane Tammy.

AAARRRGGGHHHH....and all I wanted was KITS!!!!!.....AAAARRRGGGHHHH
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Today is Monday, and Tammy-Timmy goes in tomorrow for her spay. She is still all over the place.

I wonder if this is how she expresses her heat??? Some cats break down doors and climb out windows to get ouside, she won't go outside. But she paces the house, nips at the other cats, has driven Pete completely bonkers and has alienated ChanKahli to the point where ChanKahli runs in the opposite direction when Tammy shows up.

Dear God. I hope all of this can be mended after she is spayed because I would REALLY like some peace and quiet in my home again.

Thank you everyone who listened and put up with us. I really appreciate the support. I have learned a great deal from this cat so maybe there may come a time when I can help someone else. Thanks for all the advice, vibes and support.

KittenKiya, Pete, ChanKahli---KittenKiya's Clan
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Is the vet going to check her out and tell you what went wrong befre they spay her? Also, are you SURE she is no longer pregnant? She may have aborted SOME of the kittens and there could still be one or more left. Have you felt her stomach to check?
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I have been over this cat so much, that I know how long it take for her to fart after she eats. ( 3.5 minutes) There is nothing in that belly. Except some fat. She has put on weight since she moved in with me, but that's it. No milk, nipples are not protruding anymore, no discharge, NOTHING!!!!!
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Hmmm...I sure hope the vet can shed some light on the situation and tell you what happened. It's to close to halloween for freaky things to be happening.LOL!
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I gotta tell you, after this cat, I will welcome spooky things with open arms. All I have to do today is go home and find out that she opened the window and is gone.

Nevermind, I am demented
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Well my friends, the time has come. Tammy-Timmy is safely at the Vet's as we speak.

Whew!! What a rush this has been.

Thank you again all for your support, advice, laughter and comfort.

Bless you all.
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Aww , glad that she seem's to be ok .
Let us know what the vet had to say about the hole situation , but what fun we had reading your story lol
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Yes, please keep us updated how it goes with her spay. I wonder if this will calm her down a bit. What will you do without Tammy's antics going on?
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Well, the first thing I am going to do is have a vodka martini, a vodka collins and a vodka and diet 7-up. You have no idea how disgusting those vodka sandwiches were. Gotta rinse my mouth out.

Then I think I will sleep for a week.
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I got Tammy-Timmy back from the vet's this afternoon. She looked at me so doe-eyed......Oh mommy, what did I do?????-type of look.

The vet told me that when I had brought her in the first time, they said they had felt a mass, but the vet couldn't feel any kits. So they thought she was pregnant too. Anyway I got Tammy home and put her in my bedroom. She was wailing so pitiously in the cage, that I took her out and put her on my bed.

She looked at me so happy and doe-eyed, and I opened the door to go get some food and "whhoooosssshhhhh", Tammy was gone. She moved like she was shot from guns. I didn't even see that darn cat get off the bed and she gone. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH.

Of course, the instructions were, don't let her get on the floor, (yeah, right), don't let her get into the water and food, (yeah, right). She's wearing a stocking, which I don't think will stay on for long.

It looks like I am going to have to go back to vodka sandwiches (yuck), vodka ice cream, vodka strawberries, vodka blueberries, vodka macaroni and cheese......God almighty.....how much can one person take???? And I though it was all over (yeah, right).

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