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Coughing or hairball?

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Hey all! I took my two 13 week old kittens to the vet on Monday to get their 2nd round of vaccinations. The vet said they looked perfect other than they had an upper respritory infection, which she gave me some antibiotics and some ointment for their eyes. Today is Wednesday and I can already tell their eyes are better, but there are a few other things I have noticed. They don't seem to be going to the bathroom as much as before. The vet did a general de-worming, even though she didn't take a stool sample. I don't know if the de-worming med. might make them go the bathroom less for a couple of days or something. The other thing is, is that our little girl Socks has been either coughing or has a hairball. Once before she went to the vet she did this, and she did it again tonight. Is there anyway to tell if they have a hairball that needs to come up? Our little boy Scout isn't doing this, so I tend to think it is a hairball. These kittens are 100% indoor cats since we have had them, which has been for 3 weeks now.

Thanks for any help you can give me!!

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You can get a product called Petromalt and there are others that you gave give kitties to ease the hairball situation. I have one kitty who has sufferd from the upper respiatory problems since we got him. It is a battle, but with regualr care and good nutrition, it can be managed! I have found an over the counter medication for Ripley's eye (that runs constantly) called terramyacin ointment. Using that now and what an improvement. Just so you know.I have used several rounds of antibiotics for Ripley - he is over a year old now and the symptoms have greatley lessened - no more coughing or sneezing or gunky eyes!
Updates on your babes???
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