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I Need Your Help Please. My Cat Is Bleeding To Death.

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hey.. i have a siamese cat and he is my first pet. iam crushed and i dont know what to do right now. his tail got jammed by my maids door and his tip of the atleast 1 inch of the tail has a very big cut and it looks raw. his tip of the tail is just bleeding like crazy. i have never seen so much blood shed in my house. he has been bleeding since 9pm and it is 2:45am here. i dont know what to do, and der are no vets in this hellhole country. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. i have applied betadine and i cant put bandage around him bcuz he keeps scratching and bitting. someone please help me. i cant see my cat die like this. SOMEONE ANYONE I NEED AN ADVICE.
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Finding some way to put pressure on the bleeding is the only thing I can think of. Perhaps you can get someone to help you get your kitty wrapped in a towel to hold him still and then get that tail under pressure? The wound sounds pretty deep if its been bleeding for so long...There are no vets at all you can go to? Or a human doctor who's willing to do a little animal work?
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not at all.. i live in the philippines.. i once went to a vet they didnt know anything and they only treat dogs for some reason. ive tried to put pressure it only stopped him from bleeding for awhile. i put him in the balcony thats wer he likes to be all the time. im not gonna sleep till he gets better. is der anything i can do? my cat is in pain, and because of that he is not in a good mood, he scratched me and i have a long deep cut in my fore arm. please help.
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I just have to say..Screw how far away the vet is.
Drive there. Pronto.
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i would have done that ages ago. they are not open on weekends plus they can only help dogs not cats. if i was back home in michigan then ya i would know what to do.
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Call a local petstore. Explain the situation to them. Someone there should know what to do..Or maybe they know of an emergency pet care service.
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it is really hard for me to explain. but if u live here in the phil. you would understand my situation. the country is poor and hella corrupted. der are no emergency pet care or anything like that here. not even 911. this country is so unorganized. they hire anyone, even bums from the street... i miss my hometown. my silly dad is into gambling and i have to live in this hellhole. your cat mushi looks like my cat. =( my cats asleep now. he is bleeding less but i duno wat to do wen he wakes up.. im hoping for the best
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Well I'm frantically searching for links for ANY type of vet help in the philippines..
I found one link that I have no idea what it's about..But it says something about a vet.
Maybe just call & see?
Otherwise..I could give you number to some vets up here..And maybe somehow you could call up here for vet advice?
Or find out just what you can do for your babe while being so far from a vet.
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What is happening now? Please tell us!
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Looky what I found.
List of vets in the Philippines
I'd say..Just call at least ONE of these places..Ask them.
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Can you find something to put around his head to stop him from reaching the tail? Like a E-Collar? If anything I would ask if the vets or a pet store has an e-collar. You can use hydrogen pyroxide and some neosporen as a simple quick solution. Then wrap it in gauze (is that how you spell it?) You could try to make a splint to keep the tail straight, but none of this will work unless you can keep the cat from reaching his tail. Styrofoam plates can sometimes work too instead of an e-collar.

I would also confine him to a bathroom or laundry room rather then the balcony.
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This is probably too late but you can use flour to stop the bleeding. Then get an e-collar to keep her away from it while it heals, just keeping it super clean. I understand your situation. Read all you can.
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First of all I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. But please, take a deep breath, you need to do whats best for your cat. I know that is what you want to do, your love for kitty is evident by your finding The Cat Site.
Your scratches will not hurt half as bad as kitty is hurting so grit your teeth and wrap him in a towel so he cannot move. Do as you have been trying to and apply pressure to his tail. Talk to him while you are doing this, tell him you are trying to help and tell him you know he's hurting and you love him. If you act scared of him he will act differently towards you.
Im no expert but from the way you are describing it, it sounds very serious. Please don't give up on him. Don't hope for a miracle.
I know you will do what you can. Please update us whenever you get chance
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I would think that if no one is at home to help you, maybe a neighbor could help.
It's worth a try.
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A dog of mine once lost the tip of a tail to a door injury.
Yes, it will bleed like the dickens, but it will stop eventually, and the amount of blood loss is not life threatening. The nature of the skin on a tail makes sutures unlikely anyway- my dog did see a vet but all they did was disinfect it and bandage it really well.

The difficulty with tails is in keeping a bandage on, so the suggestion of devising an E-collar is a good one. You've betadined it, so you're good there. Just wrap it up as best you can and do everything possible to keep him from chewing on it.

Check it daily for signs of infection, betadine it daily, and keep the cat from messing with it- that's about all you can do.
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we are ALL praying for your angel kitty!
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Is there any news yet?

How is your kitty?

I hope he/she is ok and you managed to get kitty to a vet
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Call a vet in some other country for advise. There is medication that will calm your cat down and ease the pain but you need advise first since a lot of painkillers are dangerous for cats. Valium (morfine based) works but I don't know the dosage since I never used it myself. Valium will also increase the hunger if the cat is not eating because of the pain. Chlorine hexidine is good for cleaning open wounds and painless but a jod solution will do. If you can get the cat calm and sleepy you can shave a bit of the fur and close the wound with surgic tape. It is easy to make a collar from hard paper and some string. Good luck. I hope it goes well.
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Please PM me right away with your contact info. I'll give you the number to call and the vet will advice you depending on where you stay in the Philippines. Like Cearbhail said, tail injuries are messy but not life threatening. You are doing fine with the betadine and keeping the cat in one place to stop it from roaming. Waiting to hear from you.
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I hope kitty is ok today.
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There has to be some emergency phone you can call. Even the fire or police department might be able to help.

You have to put a torniquant on it to stop the bleeding - otherwise you wll lose your kitty. I hope you can get help and save him.
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Please do not use a tourniquet on this tail- it is not necessary and can contribute to further tissue loss and severe complications.

Direct pressure and sufficient bandaging is all that is necessary.
The amount of blood loss seen in this type of injury is visually disturbing because the tail throws blood around so badly as the cat wags it, but the blood loss is not life threatening.

No tourniquet. Flour, cornstarch, styptic pencil, silver nitrate etc. to stop the bleeding, or direct pressure if none of those are available.
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If you have some stiff cardboard, you can make kitty an e-collar so he will not worry his injury. Please let us know, when you can, what is happening.
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You've gotten great advice. I hope there's something you can do for your kitty. Please let us know as soon as you can what happened.
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To make a homemade collar cut a circle of cardboard and a smaller circle inside it for his head. A slit through it will enable you to get it onto his head then you can tape it on.

Now, to keep your cat still:

Grab him firmly behind his head as you lift him off the ground.

Lay him on his side on top of a folded towel.

Keep holding the skin behind his neck and turn his head up, away from his paws. This should prevent him from moving around.

Wrap him, TIGHTLY in the towel by rolling him in it. Make sure to keep his Front paws inside the towel or he will still be able to scratch you.

Now, you have him secure. You can hold this "kitty taco" between your own knees while you are seated.

YOu may need to shave some of his fur off his tail. Make sure you have help, and an electric razor to do this work.

So, if he is still bleeding a lot, you need to apply pressure to his tail until it stops. If it is just oozing right now then clean and bandage it.

Then, somehow get the collar around his neck so he can't bite or fuss with the wrapped up tail.

You need to get on the phone and get some advice at the very least! Someone, somewhere in your area will be able to help. Just keep searching!!!!

Please let us know how you are doing.
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I'm sorry, you've already gotten great advice. I freaked out and jumped right to posting to you. I hadn't seen your post earlier. Whew. I think tails do heal and it is just a lot of blood, that's a relief!

What is upsetting is that vets in your area don't treat cats!
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hope the kitty is doing better
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Ruud has not contacted me at all.
Clarification: The Philippines has good veterinarians. This country is not as backwards as some of you may have been led to believe. Thanks!
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I've been thinking about this kitty for a while. I really hope it's ok.
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Me too.
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