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good news on the farm

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My dad has decided to keep 8-10 acres of the farm on the end where we live for the horses and to take the money from selling the other portion and building a house he hopes to have it done by spring. I am so happy. I still plan on going to school but I will always have my home, my real home, to come back to. I am going to stay and help dad out with it for a bit but I am going to work on paying some stuff off in the mean time. I can't wait till the house is built. And he has decided to put up a chain link fence for the dogs. This yard is fenced in but with woven wire. He wants the new house to look good and be a good house. And he is talking about building a swing set for my niece. He thought about it and he decided he couldn't stand the idea of living in town and leaving the home place. So he is going to keep the part where he lived as a kid.
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That is great news !!! (I read your other post about selling the farm) Wow, I bet all of you are just so happy !!!
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Sounds like great news! I'm very happy for you and your Dad!
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I am glad to hear things are working out!
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I was more worried about him then myself. But he seems okay with this he says the beavers, deer, and swamp are taking over the back portion anyway, and he just couldn't keep up with them
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YEAAA!!! That's wonderful to hear!!!
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Congratulations - that's wonderful!
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