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From what I understand, I could have 3 months off with FMLA, but only if the doctor signed papers saying it was medically necessary for me to have that much time off....I would get paid disability in that case for all but the first week. However, that three months, I believe it is 480 hours exactly...also includes all my docotrs appointments, etc. Every hour I am gone from work, they subract off the FMLA. I have used FMLA for all my appoinments, but of course it wasn't paid. Now that the doctor has signed me out of work completely, and is filling out disability papers, I will get the rest of the time paid.
I get 6 weeks off after the baby is born, unless it is ceserian, then it is 8 weeks I believe....and so if it happens to be 2 more weeks till I have the baby, then altogether I would be off work for 8 weeks, if it is a normal delivery.
My friend had alot of complications with her pregnancy, in fact the baby died shortly after birth, and she was off work per doctors orders for about 3 months I believe. (Most of that time was before the baby was born, so she ran out of time and had to come back only 2 weeks after the baby was born, which was hard, so soon after losing her.)

Since we are on the subject.....the nurse told me not to bother coming in until my contractions are only 5 minutes apart, for at least an hour!!!!
I reminded her I live 70 miles away from the hospital, but she said that since it is my first baby I will probably be in labor for 8-12 hours, so there would be plenty of time.
She said, if the pain gets really intense, take a hot bath, and she said the pain might get so bad that I can't talk or move through it....geez....that's just what I needed to hear! I have this mental image of myself gripping the side of the bathroom sink with one hand, with my mouth open (cause I can't speak) and clutching my stomache with the other hand, unable to move or make a sound.....lovely image!

Does that sound right? Not going in until I have had contractions that are only 5 minutes apart for at least an hour???? Especially living 70 miles from the hospital?
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I can't say about the contractions as I have never had a baby.

In Canada we can get paid for 50 weeks, but we don't get 100% of our earnings - only 55%.
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50 weeks paid! WOW! We only could get a maximum of 12 weeks off with FMLA...and I'm not sure what percent the pay for disability is, but it isn't a full paycheck here, either.
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Debby, yes that does sound right. Although living 70 miles from the hospital would have me a bit uneasy too.

Most times ( although not always ) first babies take their sweet time appearing! You'll probably labor for at least 8 hours, and probably more along the lines of 12 or 14. Not that this whole time is hard labor, because it isn't. The beginning won't be that bad, and once you know things are moving along you can head to the hosp. I would wait till the contractions are less than 10 min apart regularly, but waiting till 5 does sound a bit like cutting it close. But then again, i'm sure your doctor knows best. So listen to them.

Try not to worry too much, just remember the pain is only temporary, and the joy you will feel after is life long.
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Thanks Daniela!! I appreciate your advice! I just want to get this whole thing over with so bad!!!!
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Debby, That big tummy, not being able to sleep, getting kicked in the bladder, constant back aches, sinus congestion? Just a few of the things that make labor seem an attractive alternative! Not only that, but there's an unbelievable reward at the end of your hard work! Just have that good looking anesthetist on hand in case you need one. And if you don't need him, he's a nice distraction. (I am slapping my own hand for being soooo bad.) Seriously, I am so glad your long wait is almost over!
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Debby-I'm glad to hear that you are finally off work until Amber is born. I can't believe that companies are so stingy and they only think of themselves. I'm sure if you gathered all the needed info you could sue them if they didn't let you off. Hang in there...Soon enough you'll have a beautiful baby girl.
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I'm glad you mentioned the sinus congestion...I have been having a real problem with that, and i told my mother-in-law that I read that it is part of being pregnant, and she thought I was nuts.
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Thanks Sarah!
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I know where I used to work (MOT), they gave 6 weeks (I think) for maternity leave, but I think it is unpaid. Speaking of FMLA, you'd be surprised at how easily you can get a doctor to put you on medical leave. I have a friend who works for the same company, but different plant..... She was on medical leave for like 1 month because she said she had hurt her back. Later after she came back, she told me she never did hurt it...... She just didn't want to work. She did make a point though about being on a medical leave: how does a doctor know if you are hurting or not? They don't know...... it isn't their body....... She was also on another medical leave because of stress (not sleeping well). I thought it was quite funny that she did all of this though. And medical leave, I think they pay like 80% of your pay, or something like that........

Is Amber kicking you more?
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The 5 minutes apart thing sounds very familiar. The only exception is if your water breaks first. That happened with both of my kids, and then they wanted you there right away, as the risk of internal infection increases.
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My husband swears I had the most perfect labor(s). I was induced for oth my boys, therefore I knew a few days before hand when I'd be going in. Steven (my first) was 13 days late (that was NOT fun!) and Nicolas, as a precaution, they wanted to make sure he was not too big (he ended up being 10 lbs 7 oz).

Debby, I think there is a big difference between real labor and fake labor (per say). You will definately know when your real labor has hit. Make sure you really do time your contractions. Don't guess at them and make sure they are consistant. I think it's pretty safe to follow your doctor's recommendations.

6 weeks seems like a joke. You, yourself will probably still be in the healing process and most probably will be up half the night with Amber also. I suppose if this is the norm then other mothers also fall under this. I feel for all of you that do not have the time to actually get back on your feet, rest up a little and then go back to work. Oh yeah.....hey, let us recommend the breast feeding and tell mothers how important and healthy this is for the baby and what special bond this creates. But wait....does the baby have to be in the same room/building? I can always use the pump.... I, for one, was not able to breast feed at all. My two little "monsters" were too big and I did not produce enough but had it worked, being in Canada, at the time, I would have had approx. 6 months with my boys. (It's now one year: right Ady? If not, close to that)

As for sinus congestion.......I suffered through that like crazy. It drove me bananas. Never did find out exactly why. I slept half sitting-up for the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy. That in itself deserved an additional 6 weeks of make-up sleep!!!!!

Good luck. Can't wait to hear from you "after" Ambers birthday!!!!!!!
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Thanks! Yes...The nose thing is driving me nuts at night...I can't sleep at all, I am up half the night. The doctor told me I could take Tylenol PM, but it does absolutely nothing for me.

I wish we got 6 months off work here after the baby is born...but no such luck...they seem to think 6 weeks is plenty.

Well, I am actually getting sleepy now...I may try to take a little nap for awhile and come back and finish reading the new threads later. I need to sleep while I can!
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom
I would have had approx. 6 months with my boys. (It's now one year: right Ady? If not, close to that)
Yup it changed from 25 wks to 50 wks of payment Dec 31, 2000.
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Speaking of breast feeding, there was an article on the other day about a woman who was still breastfeeding her 8 year old son! She said it was perfectly normal...... I guess the kid is in foster care right now. 8 years old! That's disgusting...... I'm sure he's gonna grow up all screwed up!
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8 years old????? Unbelievable! More than likely, this has probably messed this little boys life.
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I am disgusted with them! I am also pregnant and only going into my third trimester and even yet, I couldn't imagine working in heated conditions like that! Even with our "unseasonably" warm (hot) weather here, I am a big baby when outside too long...but seriously, I get VERY dehydrated quickly. Then, with the pregnancy, it feels like I am winded when I get that way!

If your doctor could do SOMETHING for you towards the disability thing, that would be WONDERFUL...and important!

Hopefully, the link above could help...I didn't link to it, so I don't know what it is exactly.

PLEASE update us on the situation!!!!

:Edited: Okay, I hadn't read entirely throught the posts....It sounds like this has been worked out after all. I am very glad for you.

Take Care (of you and your baby!)
Lisa (Catmommy)
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Hi again!
I saw your post about what the nurse (or doctor?) said about coming in when contractions are 5 min. apart....And you live 70 miles away!

Oh my goodness...of course EVERYONE is different, and true first babies CAN be longer, but I have had quick labor with ALL of my babies.

When pregnant with my first one, they told me to come to the hospital when my contractions were 6 minutes apart and we lived 45 minutes away. So, I am a bit concerned with what they told you. When I got to the hospital, I was only there for 2 hours before I delivered! Granted, the earlier contractions had gone on since about 10 pm the evening before, but I hit 6 minutes apart at about 5 o'clock am. After went quick. I would hate for you to deliver in the car!!!!! (My second and third went REALLY my entire labor from first contraction to deliver was only like 4 hours...and the second one I actually never made it to the hospital!). The one I am carrying, I am expecting to just like "pop" out!

Anyway, I would probably start heading to the hospital at like 6 min. apart for sure, but then again, I am not doctor! GOOD LUCK!

P.S. Is it a boy or a girl or do we know?

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Catmommy....not only did the nurse say to wait until they are 5 minutes apart, but also to wait until they have been 5 minutes apart for an hour!!!!! I too am worried about this!!! it takes us about 1 1/2 hours to get there. (especially if traffic is heavy in Des Moines)

It is a girl, by the way....Amber Danielle is what we have decided on!

PS....So when are you due?
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Debby, I'm so glad you're at home - rest while you can

What they did to you would be so illegal in Israel. It's unheard of not to pay someone because of any absence on medical grounds and the law is particularly strict when it comes to pregnant women. While I was pregnany I realized how fortunate I was to live in a country that appreciates pregnancy and babies. The health service here provide the best pre-natal care and all for free (including an ultra sound check at each and every visit to the doctor + 2 extra long ones at a specialist's clinic).

As far as contractions go, I really wouldn't know what those feel like I had a planned c-section so I never went into labor. I did a lot of research though, as we planned on having a natural birth (before we knew it was a breech). From what I read and heard from women, it doesn't have to be that painful. It really depends on the woman - some find it extremely painful while others say it's not too bad. Either way, if you are about to spend so many hours of labor at home, you should get yourself familiar with natural pain relief techniques. Did you learn any at your prenatal class?
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I´m so glad you finally stop working.It was really on my mind.It´s true it usually takes about 12 hours for your first child.Should the waters break you need to go to hospital at once. Happened with my first son. with my second it started around 4 in the morning in long intervals.I got up about 8 am, washed my hair and around 11.30 i had the feeling it could be time to leaveAs my husband was working too far away Icalled a colleague who came and took me to the hospital. That was around noon and at 13,20 our son was born.Iwouldn´t wait too long to go but nothing is more annoying than having to stay in a hospital bed and wait.At home you can move and do what you want, but don´t wait too long it´s not too bad to know a doctor and a friendly midwife at your side.And then after a short aneastetik the joy of having your baby in your arms and you´ll be convinced it´s the most beautiful child possible.So all the best.It´s not that badand it will go better than you might think.Love Elisabeth
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Thanks for the advice everyone!!!
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OMG I just saw this - what a truely %^&%&%%#$%% bunch of ^&*&%&$^%. I am so glad that you are now away from that awful place.
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