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Just ranting....

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I just need to rant and rave here for a minute! I am so mad at where I work!!!
Monday I had some really bad pains, so hubby took me to the hospital, but it was only false labor. It stopped shortly after that. But while I was there, the doctor told me I shouldn't be working in really hot conditions, since I am so far along, and my feet and ankles swell up so bad in the heat and I get really sick to my stomach.

Well, I work in a factory, and it gets terribly hot in there, sometimes up to 100 degrees or better, and so the doctor wrote me a note saying I shouldn't be working in heat over 80 degrees.
Well it hits 80 degrees at about 9:00 am, I work from 7am-3pm.

So I thought maybe they could find me something to do in the office for awhile, I am due anytime between now and the end of this month, so it would only be a couple weeks or so, unless I go past my due date (god forbid).
I have been there 13 years, so you would think they could accommodate me somewhat, and let me file papers or something....it is air conditioned in there....but oh no!!!!! That would just be too much to ask!!! They told me if they do this for me, they would have to do it for everybody!!! Ya, like everybody has a note from their doctor saying they can't work in temps above 80.

So they told me that I will have to drive into work every morning, and just keep an eye on a themometer...and when it reaches 80, I can leave. Well some days that may be only 2 hours after I get there!! And some days it might be 80 already when I walk in the door! It gets really hot in there, very fast, because of the ovens in the middle of the factory that burn lacquer onto the wires we work with.

And also.......not only that, but I won't get paid everytime it gets too hot for me to be there....I can go home...sure, but with no pay!!!
That isn't bad if it is only another week, but what if I don't have the baby for 3 weeks, and am only there for 2 hours every day!!!!! I can't afford that!!!!!

I can ask the doctor to sign disability papers, but I'm not sure they will, since technically I am not unable to work, or having major complications with the pregnancy, it is just the heat!!!

So....I have to go in tomorrow, (I have been off work, unpaid since Monday, because they (work) couldn't decide what to do about this until this afternoon) and I have to take a themometer, and keep an eye on the temp. I am going to feel like a dork saying, Oh it's 80 degrees, see ya later! And I won't get paid!!!!

So I feel like I have to choose between my health and what is good for the baby, and having enough money to pay the bills.

I just really needed to get this off my chest!!!! I see no reason they couldn't have put me in the office somewhere for a couple weeks.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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Can you go to HR & talk to them? That is horrible that they are doing this to you! If it were me, I'd definitely go to HR or see if your doctor can put you on a medical leave..... And, the thing about pay doesn't sound right either
Sorry about what you are going thru
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Debby - I am so sorry! I know how frustrating this can be. I have MS and the heat really brings on problems. My OFFICE is about 80 all day long with 2 fans going, etc. The office is air conditioned - but that is a long story why it is so hot.......I have told them at the office that if they do nto accomodate me, I will file a complaint with the Union and with others......but it falls on deaf ears......

I would think that given the work that you do, your physician would not have any problems in saying ENOUGH! and take you out on disability! For Gosh sakes, you are due in two weeks!!! Call him and ask- that heat is NOT good for YOU or BABY!
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No words of advice, but I think thats lousy! I was working at a credit union when I had my daughter. I worked until the day before I had her, and they were so awesome to me. My boss even let me wear slippers cause I was all swollen.

Isn't there somebody like the "big" boss who can help you?
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Debby - that is just SO disgusting. Words fail me. I think you need to check Health and Saftey regulations in your state. Also check with your doctor. If they are putting your health and your baby's health at risk, you may have grounds to take things further.

Also - can they withold pay? I would say that that is putting undue pressure on you to work in an environment which is potentially dangerous to you.

Do you have a union?

I know it's a difficult equation to balance, particularly if you want to return after maternity leave. But think long and hard about the risks you may be exposing yourself and the nipper to.

Good luck
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I would go ahead and ask the doctor to put you on disability. That is your status in the 6 weeks after the baby is born anyway. Also, it sounds to me like you have some sort of legal standing in this matter. The conditions in the factory are not good for your current physical state, and they will not accomodate you? Hmm.
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What poopoo heads!

Here in Texas, and I'm not sure if this is national or done state by state, but if I'm correct, what they are doing is breaking the law under the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act). The note written by your doctor falls into this category. Your note states that you CANNOT work in temperatures over 80 degrees and under the FMLA you are supposed to be paid if you have to miss work due to doctors orders.

We just had a girl here who had a similar situation as you. Three weeks before her baby was due the doctors discovered that her amniotic fluid was alarmingly low and ordered her to not work. So she started her leave early. Under the FMLA she has up to 3 months to be off for this and the birth of her baby. She gets paid during this time, but it's not her full salary and I can't remember what percentage of her salary that she is making. The thing is, she is getting paid because of the FMLA.

Debby, check with your state for any and all FMLA. If you find that the law is on your side, then your work has to comply or you could sue them for damages.
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Debby, I did a search to see if I could find something for you. I think this might help.

Laws that Protect You During Pregnancy

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I was just going to mention it...... what about FMLA? They cant turn you down, I dont think. Debby, see if you can so you don't hurt you or the baby It just doesnt sound right what they are doing.
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This line from the article that Sabra linked to sure does sound like it pertains to you: You\tmust\tbe\tgranted\tthe\tsame\thealth, disability\tand\tsick-leave\tbenefits\tas\tany\tother employee\twho\thas\ta\tmedical\tcondition. You\tmust\tbe\tgiven\tmodified\ttasks,\talternate\tassignments... Sometimes, sad but true, you have to look out for your own interests. The employer will get away with as much as it can, whether it's legal or not. I think that they bank on the fact that you won't follow up on it.
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What a heartless bunch of .........! Even if they did have to do it "for everyone else", so be it. For a last trimester in a pregnancy, what's the big deal? When it becomes a medical issue, they should be accomodating each individual as per their personal need. Or are all the women all of a sudden planning on getting pregnant at the same time and this would cause a major disruption at the factory???? Come on, I work in a call centre and at the most, we've seen 5 women pregnant and they all have different due dates. To accomodate each one would not be such a devestating thing for the company. To penalise you for wanting to continue working is absurd.

Where I work, we do have short-term disability that covers this in medical situations. We have never encountered a heat/cold problem so I guess it's not something I've dealt with.

I just can't believe that after 13 years, they cannot work around your situation. I hope things work out for you but, make sure you think of yourself and the baby first.
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Hi Debby,
Sorry to hear about what you are going through. Isn´t there anything like maternity leave in the States. Here you stop working at least 6 weeks before the date.I can´t understand your physician.It´s his damned duty to write out the slip of paper the disability thing so that you can stop work immediately. He ´s responsible for your and the baby´s health. So make him write it. Well Debby, as you see we are back from our holiday.
The last week when Niels came from the States was by far the best.our cousin threw a wonderful birthday party for him, cooked great Greek food and invited all available relatives. It was a great surprise for our son
We were lucky with the weather. Well, for me it could have been warmer.There was always a wind blowing which I don´t like very much. In the end the water reached a good temperature so that Icould paddle a little in my therapy suit.Being in the water and not being able to swim was very frustrating.Ilike swimming very much and was pretty good at it.Could swim when Iwas 4 or 5.Well compared to your situation I won´t complain.Ihope the situation has changed by now. Perhaps little Amber is already lying in your arms.So all the best for a quick and not too painful delivery.Love Elisabeth
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Debby that is horrible! In Canada we have a really good government funded maternity benefit plan. If you have to leave early for sickness they will pay up to 15 weeks sick, 15 weeks maternity and 35 parental (for the mother or the father). The gov't will pay at 55% of your normal weekly gross earnings. It can give you up to a total of 65 weeks leave for each pregnancy. (Can You tell I work for the gov't dept that administers this program!)

Debby - I hope that you doctor puts you off on disability!
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I just want to add my support to what has been said. Employers will get away with anything they can to save the almighty dollar. If you don't insist, and KNOW the law, and QUOTE it, they'll do nothing for you. With your years of service, the whole thing stinks! I've noticed that if a person is pleasant and caring more garbage is pulled on them. They assume you won't stand up for your rights. There's a difference between standing up for yourself and being downright nasty. Stand up!
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check out the words "reasonable accomodation" (my company publishes newsletters on employment practices). THAT's the key phrase for both of these laws.
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Thanks for all the kind words, support and advice!! I went to see a different doctor yesterday, and he was not happy that I had not been taken out of work, so he signed my disability papers, and I am officially off work until 6 weeks after Amber is born!!!! I am SO releived!!!!!!!

So I guess if I had waited one more day, I wouldn't have had to do so much complaining here! Thanks so much for caring and trying to help!!!! I REALLY appreciate it!!!

You guys are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Debby!

I see you in tracking. Good morning, and I am so glad to hear this news about you being off work now! You are so close to your due date, just think, pretty soon you will be able to see your feet again!

You rest up and take it easy. I am glad you went to see another doctor and he was more on the ball then the other one!
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Thanks Hissy! You know what is weird? I have found that the men doctors are more sympathetic to these things than the women doctors I have seen. You would think it would be the other way around. Hmmmm.
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Debby, I am so glad you got someone to help you. Remember when I told you that dreamers are idealists, not losers? It's because people judge you as being too kind hearted to stick up for yourself. Don't let that happen to you. You can be kind to yourself and still be kind to others! After all, you are a child of God, too!
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I'm so happy for you! That is great that you are off from working! That is strange about the doctor thing, too.......
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go debby....it's your birthday....well not really but I bet it feels like it is!
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Debby, I'm so glad you were able to get out of the heat!!! I remember being pregnant in July and part of August, and it is just MISERABLE. Especially in the humidity there in Iowa. (I went home to Nebraska for a visit when I was 8 months pregnant and oh my gosh I thought I was going to die!!!) Now you can relax and just concentrate on getting ready for the baby! Good luck!!!
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Glad to hear your got your disability! You'll be much better off at home!

Oh by the way, I have a box ready here to mail you, so watch your mailbox next week!!
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I said to Colby last night when you hadn't reappeared in the thread that maybe the baby had decided to make an appearance. Well, I didn't get my wish on that part, but you'll be able to get some much-needed rest before the baby comes. Hurrah!
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Thanks guys!!!!! I am so hoping she will decide to be born anytime now!!!!!! I think we have decided on Amber Danielle for sure now!

The bad thing about being off work, is that it is going to be harder to get exercise, and I am so tempted to eat sweets and things I know I shouldn't. But I may try to take some walks in the early morning before it gets hot....not too far though...living in the country there isn't much traffic, in case I go into labor and then I might have to walk all the way back to the house in pain. Not a good thought.
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Don't worry, Debby. You don't go into the unbearable pain right away. That gets saved for later. At first, it's not so bad nor so often. I thought, "Hey, maybe I can make it through this natural childbirth thing". Often when you first go into labor, you might only have a short contraction every 20-30 minutes. That could last for hours. I think you could make it back to the house in time.
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We have a woman at work that went through fertility procedures to get pregnant. Our insurance didn't pay for it, but they are now paying for the pregnancy. Her doctor says the babies are breech, and took her off work two months ago to prevent the babies from opening her cervix to early. ( She isn't due for another three weeks, yet.) We have a proram that lets us collect 60% of our pay when the dr. takes us off. Maybe your factory has something similar to that? They should make a small concession for you with your years of service, but I can understand your frustration. Most factories don't care. Good luck.
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Debby - do you only get 6 wks off with Amber? Do you get paid for it? I am just trying to compare the American and Canadian system here.
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Ady, I think sometimes it depends. I know that doctors will not sign a realease for you to return until 6 weeks after the birth but under the FMLA you have up to 12 weeks to be off after the birth.
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Debby, I'm so glad you got the dissability. Good for you for going to a different doctor!
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