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Question on biting and scratching

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I have seen many posts about not letting the kitten "rough house" with your hand and I am curious why. I have always "rough housed" with my kittens, we even do it with Kirra letting her wrestle with our hands. She knows not to try that with my youngest son, but will come up and box your hand or foot to indicate she wants to play. Since she is an only cat we figured this was a good play for her. So I am just wondering why I hear so much not to wrestle with em.

Just curious.
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It can turn them into biters when they are older. It may not and doesn't happen for every cat but it can. You have gotten lucky. When they are young, they learn so fast so you want to avoid rough playing with your hands otherwise as they grow up, they will always see your hands has toys, anyone's hands actually. Use actual toys instead.
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Having been accidentally bitten by a kitten I can tell you their little teeth go through human flesh, the flesh of the fingertips especially, like butter. And man it HURTS!

So I blow in his face when he starts using his teeth, my one boy kitten. It seems like he may be teething? Could that be? I just read in here that kittens lose their baby teeth--something I did not heretofore know (learn something every day, eh).

So, I blow in his face and have taken to just setting him down and walking away if it continues, and it often does. It's tempting to allow it but after him biting me, no thanks. He doesn't seem to know how he can hurt with them.
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And besides, I'm sure your vet will appreciated treating a cat that doesn't bite.
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Well thats the thing, Kirra knows when its play time and when its not, we have been letting her wrestle at certain times and if she does it at a none approriate time we politely tell her no and than pet her to calm her. She seems to get the message. Yeah the teeth do hurt sometimes but my husband doesnt even seem phased lol. She is good though about only boxing with my kids and not rough housing like she does with us. I guess every cat is different, i was just curious why i heard so much on here not to let them do that.
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A cat that isn't as perceptive as Kira may take it as free license to bite whenever she plays with anyone in the future; and people with thinner skin than you or your husband might be hurt. So usually it isn't a good idea.

Kira looks like she's still a juvenile (if I'm not right, correct me) and she may grow and get bigger teeth that you DO mind, though.

I can see you like the closely physical play with your cat, though. Maybe try grabbing hold of a rag or toy or something else safe that she can play with while you wiggle it around; then you're still close to her, but she isn't playing directly with your hand... Also I think I've seen gloves made for playing with cats; or you could wiggle your fingers under a blanket.
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lol wiggle fingers under the blanket, hubby already does the feet with her, well i dont sleep with my feet under the blanket and the wiggle in my sleep, talk about a wake up call lol but its ok.

yeah she is still a juvie, only 3 months old, no one was sure when she was born when we got her vet estimated 7 1/2 weeks so we gave her the b-day of May 9th since it was sometime that week. Yeah you could say i like the rough housing, have always done that with all my cats, some were good about it like kirra, some well we had to stop with them.
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Though it can be fun to play with the kitten with your hands, we never do it -- I am too afraid he will end up hurting my kids (4 and 6 years old). I must say, when our kitten is in "play mode" the kids and I can reach out and pet him and he never snaps or scratches at us -- only the toys. I have to credit the "only play with toys not hands" rule.
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