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wet food question

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Hello, I am thinking of placing an order of cat food on petfooddirect.com. Obviously, its cheaper to order the 13.2 oz cans of wet food compared to the 5.5 oz cans. I have caps to cover the unused portion of the food, then I put it in the fridge. But I never had 13.2 oz cans and I figure each can would sit in the fridge for 3-4 days before it was finished. So I was wondering how long each 13.2oz can could be in the fridge for, before it was bad. Also does anyone have any coupon codes for petfooddirect? The best I found is 15% off.

Right now I am ordering cans of innova cat and kitten and merrick's pot pie. I want to order one more case of can food specifically for my 2 kittens. I dont want this one to be approved for all life stages. So I was hopeing I could get some recommendations of other high quality kitten canned food available on petfooddirect besides the brands of the two I am already ordering. Thanks for any help and advice.
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It should be good for at least a week I would think.

As far as coupons, the best I have right now is 15%. I always get the 20 - 25% off the day after I have ordered a ton of stuff.
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I have had canned food in the fridge for up to 4 days, and it was still good. I put it in a separate container, though. I don't know whether that makes a difference.
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Wellness kitten canned is good. I used it for my foster litter, as well as the dry. Some Nutro cans of good. Depends on the ingredients.
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