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OT maderma for scars

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my otherwise sweet couch potato Nell had to go to the vet and she said,
hell no i won't go

by putting a deep scratch on my face, right under my lip

(she did NOT attack me, she was trying to get away and her back paws claw got my face)

i probably should have gotten it stitched up, but well.......

now i have an ugly scar on my face that makes me look like i painted a half a frowny face on like a clown (or maybe like a vampire dripping blood out of his mouth?)

its very noticable and i just want it gone.

does anyone know if that maderma stuff really works?

i bet it is expensive, so i am weighing my options, get some make up to conceal it (i hate wearing make up)

or see if i can get rid of it.

anyone ever use the stuff?
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I would make an appointment with a dermatologist. OTC scar creams usually do not work.
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I have two horrible scars on my leg. I didn't use Mederma, I used another creme which cost a little bit more but not a whole lot. (15.99 at wal-mart) It worked pretty good on one of them (they are surgical scars) but not so good on the other. It probably would help your face.
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I have never personally used one, but my daughter used Mederma after having a cancerous mole removed from her face. It did not work as fast as it claimed, but it did work. Hers was a pretty thick scar, and she started using it just as soon as the cut was completely healed. If it worked that well on a surgical scar, I think it would be worth a try for a cat scratch.
Since there are several available, they may be for different skin types, so it may be a good idea to ask the pharmacist which would be best for you. I really should use one, I have a scar on the side of my mouth, but for some reason, it has just never occurred to me. Please let us know what you find out. I am sure there are a lot of scratch scars here that could benefit from some info.
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When I had my surgery on my wrist, they said to use vitamin e. Now I can't see the scar at all. It's wonderful. Of course I don't know if it works with all scars or not, but you could try it.
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Not to disappoint you, but i didn't have ANY luck with Mederma!. It was a complete waste of money. My dermatologist told me to try putting Polysporin on a really bad cut i had for 2 weeks and then put Mederma on it everyday after that several times a day. It didn't do a thing for me and i used it exactly as directed. Hopefully though, you will have better luck with it than me though . Oh by the way, i also tried using mederma on my face when i took my nose stud out for good...and it didn't do anything eithor-so it didn't work well on facial tissue eithor in my opinion. I would see what your doctor says though, maybe he can recommend something else. Good luck
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