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thanks. i gave the baby to her and she sems to be taking good care of it. all of the bigger kittens are hogging the nipples so i'll have to give it some extra special nipple time

so final count (i hope)

Baby 1-Dilute(?) Calico Female, 645 am

Baby 2- Red male(?) 910am

Baby 3- torbie/tabby male 1020 am

Baby 4- (still not sure) black with a little white female 1150am

Baby 5- red female 1245pm

Baby 6- calico female (possibly long-haired) between 230-

total delivery time- around 8 hours

good job Kitty...
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Originally Posted by Mollysmom View Post
Congratulations on 6 healthy kittens! Hope your mom takes it ok.
thank you! and me too i told her there would only be one kitten... she is ganna faint when she finds out that there are 6
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Wow it finally happened! All the scary waiting is over. I'm so glad it all went well. Congratulations!
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me too. i am so glad she didnt have any problems. but i still have only seen 2 placentas... i dontknow if she had any while i wasgone though. how can i be sure that she has had all the placentas?
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It's amazing how many kittens can be packed into the uterus! Our Sheba (who was petite to begin with) popped out 7 with her last litter. (This was waaaay back in 1981.) Her teats were dragging the ground those last few days before the delivery.

WTG Miss Kitty. Here's hoping for a happy healthy family.
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Way to go miss kitty, i was right there with ya thinking she was never gonna have em lol. since you arent sure if maybe she delivered the placenta's while you were gone i would keep an eye on her, make sure she is calm, no more pabor like, ect. she may have expelled em while you werent around, you know how sneaky they can be. Just watch for another abnormal.

Gratz again
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thanks. i know there are still some placentas in there cuz i can feel them... but i think i might feel another kitten... i cant tell yet. i hope not. i hope it is just a placenta.
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Wow alot happened while I was away!!! I found Missy after she had already delivered all of hers. Then I panicked cause I thought there one more cause I felt something in her. After 6 hours I called the vet and we ended up doing a X-ray to make sure. It was just her But better safe then sorry. She may have delivered the missing ones while you were gone and cleaned up after herself. Sneaky things aren't they Well, have fun with all those babies. Post pictures as soon as you can. We all want to see them.
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as soon as i have money to go get a camera i will go picture crazy! i just need to find the money to develop them after words.
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CONGRATS Kitty and Jessie!!!!!!!!!!!

How long have we been waiting for this moment??? It seems like an eternity!

So glad to hear that everyone is fine!

6 babies!!!
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oh yeah (BTW my mom just about had a hissy fit when she saw all the babies)

she still hasnt had all the placentas. when should i worry about that? she seems to be out of labor. she is just napping and feeding her babies right now.

they are so adroable!!!
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A vet visit would be the best thing to make sure there aren't any retained placentas.
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Wow that's quit the KITTY LITTER congraulationsZiggy's singing to the babies
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Congrats on the kittys
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Congratulations Jessie !!! I know you have been waiting forever !!!! How does it feel to be a Grandma now ?
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SIX kittens!!

WOW is an understatement!!! Glad to hear she is done and resting now...

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it feels great to finally be a grandmeowmy again! they are all so adorable! some of them dont like it much when i pick them up to inspect them and then they tell on me and i get in trouble with Kitty.

I think i might have to schedual a vet visit for today or tomarrow because i can still feel a little fluttering in there. it might be gas though. i'm still not sure about all the placentas. i know for sure she had 2. i think i saw her eat 3 though. so i'll have my mom call the vet when she wakes up for a nap.

every one is doing well. all the babies are eating like little piggies. lol. i'll get pics as soon as i can.
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Oooh my goodnes!! I work hard for a few days and come back home to find kitty with kitties finally!!! WTG GIRL!!! You did it and SIX BABIES WOW! I just can't believe IT! You did such a good job. Well Jessie I KNOW it was worth the wait now
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yeah it was.... i am never doing it agin though. lol
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awww congrats granmeowmy way to go its the best feeling in the world eh im just sad because it wont be long till boots babys get rehomed im gnna miss them so mutch
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Your babies sound adorable..........can't wait to see pics!!!
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yeah i'm working on it. hopefully my sister will let me go and get a disposable one tonight. my mom got paid so we have a little $$ now!
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