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I watched United 93 when it came out and we watched WTC as well.

I went through and I skimmed everyone's opinions about it being exploitation, too soon, ect.

But then we look around us and we see how Americans have forgotten about what happened on that day nearly 5 years ago.

I was in the military serving at Andrews AFB and was scared for my country but I was also in fear that my daughter might be in danger cause as all our minds tend to wander, my daughter's daycare was about 3 miles from Air Force One's hangar.

Both movies were done tactfully. Even Oliver Stone's movie. And my husband despises the man. He didn't do it to pull any props for himself and in fact it is my understanding that the funding went to the families of Port Authority officers that lost their lives or loved ones that day as well as police officers, because that's what the movie focused on.

Yes there is footage from 9/11, but I go back to my opinion that too many people have forgotten what happened, and just like the original attack on the trade center in 93', once people let their guard down, that's when it'll come again.

I think releasing these movies is a way to let the terrorists know that hey, we know what you did and we haven't forgetten and we've got our eyes on you.

But that's just my opinion.