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Strange breathing attacks

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My cat is 17 months old and since I got him (3 months)i noticed that sometimes he got like an attack of hard breathing or doing strange noises (like goose or something). this last about few second and not very often (but i am not always with him so i don't know). after the attack is over, he behave like nothing happend. he doesn't couugh and nothing come out of his mouth and he dones't breathe with open mouth. there is no specific time or enviroment that this happen...sometime when he is sleeping, sometimes after eating.....nobody smokes in our house, no extra dust, nothing special...

I haven't been at vet yet, because i didn't think it is something dangerous...

I have read about astma, but here in SLovenia vets don't have much experiences on athma, because it is rare in cats or dogs.

Which are other possibilities? Heartworm is off topic, because we don't have sea near here. Hairballs? But he is not coughing and nothing come out of mouth!

I have read that asthma usually develop at 2-8 years, but Lucky has this "attacks" from few months...

What do you think?
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You have to treat any breathing problem as dangerous, or potentially dangerous. Your cat must be seen by a vet. If you suspect asmtha, but don't think your vet has up to date information, print some information out and translate it for them.
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I'd suspect asthma, too, but I don't understand the reference to heartworm and the sea. Heartworm is transmitted by mosquito bites. If you have mosquitoes there, then your cat can get heartworm.
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See my reply to Enuja today! My cat has asthma and he is now stable on prednisone.
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I know that that mosquitos that transmite heartworm are only by the sea (at least here around Slovenia)..

What about hairballs? My fried said that her cat does the same thing...
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