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Can I bath him?

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My kitten is 4 months old. He went to be fixed 3 weeks ago. Once he got home I realized he smelled. I figured he would take care of that but he still stinks. He loves to sleep by me and hubbys head however the smell is gross. What can I bath him with? He loves water so that wont be a problem!
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Umm.......... a wierd one that ?
Not so sure what to say, does all look OK, in terms of his operation ? cos if it did get infected that might be causing a pong !! Its probably best to drop back at the vets just in case. You could also ask the vet what shampoo he might recommend if is just a smelly cat problem
Good luck
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What exactly smells? Is the smell coming from the butt area? Is it coming from the neutering site? Is it coming from his mouth?

Really bad odors are probably not something to take lightly. Unless he just rolled in something like the litterbox and now he smells. Cats usually take care of the basics themselves but something like an infection will smell bad, so will bad teeth and problems coming from inside his body.

So first find out where the smell is coming from and what could be causing it.
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Well I took him in to be checked and it is just him being lazy in the butt area. So he got a bath and did well! Thanks for the post
BTW he now smells good!
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I bath mine occasionally, just don't overbathe him (too often)

Glad he did well with a bath, some of them can be a nightmare and some just hop in the bathtub with you
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It could be a slight infection. If that's not it, then I see no reason he can't be bathed after being neutered for 3 weeks.

But check with a vet first about the infection - you don't want to wash him till that is cleared up.
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