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Bee stings

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Well I call them all bees: yellow jackets, hornets, wasps, honey bees, they are all just bees to me But I never have been stung before until about 3 weeks ago. I was stung by a yellow buzzing insect (bee?) hehe on my arm and it felt like a little needle and then it itched all day long.

Well yesterday I was stung again by a black buzzing insect and it hurt like crazy. Like needles hitting the bone. All day it stung and the skin puffed just around the sting which looked purple. Now today it is very slightly puffy within an inch around the sting, I cannot see the sting mark anymore but it itches, its red and it is warm to the touch.

So uh, should I be worried? Doesn't hurt at all. I am not allergic to anything as far as I know. Unless this sounds like an allergic reaction. It isn't bad and I dont even realize it's there unless I itch it. I am fine otherwise.
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I think you might have the stinger still in you. Do you see one? I know they can be hard to see. I would watch the redness and warmming to the touch. If it gets worse or redness appears more or larger you might want to have it checked out.
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Yikes!!! You missed my thread as I was stung anywhere from 5-10 times wednesday night. I was advised to go to emergencyroom. My stings are no longer swollen but still itch-advised to use hydrocortisone cream. I was told not to squeeze area as you could release venom but to scrape like with a credit card to remove stinger. Do you have a place to call we have what is caled Nurse Direct where you can ask questions and they should be ale to help you.
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Sounds like an allergic reaction to me.I would take a Benedryl and see if that helps.Do you think the stinger is still in you?If so, put some mud, a baking soda paste or some wet tobaco on it.........either one of those will help work it out.
If it stays warm to the touch, you should be seen by a Dr.
Good luck and I hope it goes away SOON!!
(Be thankful you aren't majorly allergic to them.I have 9 min. to get to the ER after a sting or I go into a coma and can die.)
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Oh my god crittermom that is so scary! I hope you never get stung!

It is still itchy and red and warm to the touch but I really haven't done anything about it yet but itch it! When I go to my moms tomorrow I will get some benedryl. I rarely take any sort of medications or pills so I don't really have anything but Aleve around. The only itch cream I have is Caladryl. I use that when I get eaten alive by mosquitos. Seriously I can go out in the evening for 10 minutes and come back in with 20 bites on me. I usually get bit on the ankles and knees and elbows but once I got bit on my neck and forehead at the same time and I was all red and itchy.
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Well you were most likely stung by a
Yellow Jacket
They are EVERYWHERE! Up here. I get stung every single summer, no matter what. And This year...I have made it a thing to NOT get stung.
I run. Fast, and far. My daughter thinks I'm crazy. So does everyone else.
BUT..I am not getting stung. I hate it.
The other one you talk about is one of the ones I MOST afraid of, simply because I know the sting is worse.
Some kind of hornet. I think it's black hornet..Or bald-faced hornet or something.
Yikes. I feel for ya on this one sista.
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Ouch, Jen! I agree with the Benadryl and Hydrocortisone cream. As mentioned, if you were having an anaphylactic reaction, you wouldn't still be here to write this post.
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How are you doing today?I sure hope it isn't bothering you today.You might want to keep some Benedryl on hand just for emergencies.
I get stung, but I have an Epipen (shot from my Dr) that I keep on hand and then off to the ER for IV's of Phenorgan,Zantac and Benedryl.
Before the shot, half of my body will go white, while the other half is RED as fire and I will kind of go into a trance and stop breathing.It is scarey for me, but worse for my 4 kids to see it!
Good luck and I hope it is better today.
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