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Sticky Paws

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Dear All,

I have a really cute, new kitten whose only gripe I have is scratching. Having tried some of the usual methods I decided to turn to the use of Stickypaws, having heard wonderful things about it, and seeing it as a much better solution than declawing.

I wrote in to Stickypaws.com to ask if they delivered to Singapore, as I didn't see a distributor on their list for my country. I explained the problem, and waited to see if there was a way to get a couple rolls over right away.

I was extremely disappointed not to receive even a reply in the negative from them. I simply got no response at all. This was disappointing considering its claims to oppose declawing.

So right now I'd like to ask a favour: how reliable has this product been in helping with your cat's scratching behaviour? If it has helped even a little in preventing any inclinations towards declawing, I'd like to ask a favour: namely to make arrangements for someone to have it sent to me. Arrangements for payment can be discussed elsewhere, but I'm hoping if the product is readily available in the States, it shouldn't be too much trouble to get and send to me by post.

Thanks and regards,

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Hi Greg,

Do you have plain double sided tape there? You can usually find it in hardware stores or office supplies stores.

It works just the same and is much cheaper
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Or go to eBay - these people seem to be happy to ship Sticky Paws worldwide
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HI Sarah!

Thanks for your reply. The reason I didn't use double sided tape was because it would leave marks on fabric, which seems to be a favourite for this kitten of mine. I've read that Stickypaws doesn't do that, and it also was designed to be used such that damage to the actual furniture is minimised. Double sided tape wouldn't work very well with a rattan settee that my resident cat is also very fond of having at go at. So that's why I was really keen

Appreciate your info though!

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Hi Greg
I would suggest that your best option is to continue to train the kitten to not scratch at the furniture. She is young so should be very trainable at present. One tip I've read that has served me well is to have a couple of good scratching posts about and have one near their favourite sleeping place. Instinctively they scratch after they wake up and having something desirable to scratch is good. Also, have you considered using spraying a scratching post with cat nip spray (kittens respond less to this but your adult cat should have more success with cat nip) to make it more desirable than the actual furniture.... good luck
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