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Vodka suddenly decided she didn't like wet food?

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I have been feeding Vodka 1/3 can Nutro wet in the morning, and another 1/3 can at night (along with free feeding her dry). She didn't seem to LOVE the pate style, but she was eating it. Well, I moved to Utah a few days ago and had the Nutro for her here, but now she is hardly touching it. I changed her dry food to Felidae, which she seems to like, and I even tried mixing some of that in with the wet, but she will hardly eat it, especially at night. So today, I went and bought a few different choices...Eukanuba chunky style kitten (which, as I read the ingredients after serving, doesn't seem to be all that great)....she only licked the gravy off and left the rest. The others I got were an Authority wet kitten (pate style), and a Nutro pouch. Are there any other suggestions I can try? I really want her to keep eating wet, but she just suddenly seems to be turning her nose up. She does eat a bit more of it in the mornings. I'm wondering, should I only feed her the wet and keep the dry out of the way until she has finished the wet, and then put the dry out until dinner? Are there any other tricks I can try to get her to eat her wet food? TIA
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That's a very good idea to keep the dry food up as opposed to free-feeding. A little trick I've used for Sierra for quite some time, and now she and Serenity both require it before they'll begin to eat..they get a treat on top when I serve their meal! Then, I repeat this when Sierra decides she's finished, enouraging her to eat a bit more. You may want to try this for Vodka! If she enjoys her dry food so much, place a couple of piece on top of her wet food, or sprinkle a favorite treat on top.

Pat was kind enough to send a miracle product from her store to Sierra for her Birthday! It's called apPETizer. It's human grade powder bonito, and Sierra adores it sprinkled on her food! Perhaps you'd want to consider giving it a try for Vodka!
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The same thing is happening to me! My 5 mo old kitty was eating 1/2 3 oz can of Nutro kitten in the am and 1/2 can at night. In the last week, I was noticing that I had to actually throw some away -- he didn't finish it and it dried out. In the morning he acts all excited when I put it in his bowl and then either walks away or only eats a few bites.

So.... what I have been doing is removing his dry food before I go to bed (Nutro Kitten dry) and putting down the wet. So far, by morning, it is gone. I am skipping the morning wet food since he really doesn't seem to care about it. Last night I put down about 1/3 of a can but tonight I will try 1/2 can.

Since we shut our bedroom door at night and the house is nice and quiet, I think there is a better chance of him eating the wet during the night.
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Wow, I just logged on tonight with the intention of saying the very same thing. Kitty has recently decided that the wet food she used to beg for no longer appeals to her. It just sits there. She will eventually eat most of it but doesn't run to it anymore. I am not concerned that she is getting a lack of food as this decline has lead to an increase in eating dry food. I more curious as to why the sudden behaviour change. Kitty has had a rough week in dealing with fleas (she has had to have several fleas baths, a couple trips to the vet and on top of that I have had to restrict her access to certain areas of the house to keep fleas from getting under the bed etc). I was thinking that her eating habits may have changed because her routine was thrown off and she was upset.
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We must have an epidemic of this since I was coming on here to post the same thing to y'all too. I will try the suggestions but am afraid to take his dry food away, "Boo's." I have a seven year old, Pixel, who loves wet and two kittens now: Peeka and Boo.

The one kitten can't get enough, Peeka. But Boo just suddenly stopped eating his. He even shakes his paw at it as if to say, "Ick." He'll start licking it but loses interest after about a minute or two. I've tried all different kinds of wet and today loaded up on a great deal of wet food by Merrick, on sale. My two eaters seem to LOVE it, by the way, but not Boo.

The funny thing is I don't think he is eating his dry either. He's recently had a worm check and is pooping fine, but he's lost two ounces in three days....Otherwise he looks okay but I hope he's not getting sick. He was never the bigger eater of the two kittens but he WAS eating...

Question: What the heck is "bonito?"
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I was wonder the same thing about Vodka's schedule being upset with us moving and all, but the thing is, she seems to be adjusting fine in every other way. She hasn't had problems sleeping, in fact, she sleeps right next to me all night. Ive been having to wake HER up! And she hasnt had any litter mishaps....shes being her usual wonderful self...except for this strange food avoidance. Oh, my kitty is 5 months old, too.

I want to keep her on more premium foods, but if she doesnt eat them, I may have to go back to Pro Plan, which she seemed to really like when I first got her. I know there is a place I can get Wellness, but they only have it in the large cans, also Felidae, and its hard for me to determine how much to give her (and how much she will eat) out of those big cans, so I want to find something she will eat in the 3 oz. cans.

Anyhoo...I'm glad to know Im not the only one with this issue. it's very strange, though, that all our cats would be acting the same way. Is it the moon???
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Well, I took away the dry before bed last night and put out 1/2 can of Nutro kitten. It was gone in the morning. (sadly-I forgot to put the can which was half full in the fridge and it all dried out )

I think I'll stick to this feeding plan for a while. I really want him to have wet food. Every cat I know that only eats dry food is overweight.
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I'm a little worried about Boo; I took away dry food and he is still NOT eating.

I've also tried mixing the dry in with his little bit of wet food and he just sits in front of the bowl for a minute then walks off.

Does he need expensive tests yet? Gosh I hope not....
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Vik, Have you tried different brands/types of wet food? Thats what I just did, and found out:

Vodka DOES NOT like chunk style foods, (I tried Eukanuba and Nutro chunk style, thinking she wasnt eating because she didnt like pate. I also tried mixing it with her dry kibble...all she did was lick the sauce off and eat the kibble around it)

she doesn't like the expensive Eukanuba (thank goodness!). She ate less of it than any other brand

she doesn't like really soft pate (like Nutro, which i had been feeding her and at first she ate it, but never very enthusiastically)

but she DOES like flakes fish meals (Ive only found one so far that I'm not THRILLED with, but she loves it, Pro Plan, maybe I will give it to her as a treat once a week), and Authority brand (must be because it is a firmer pate and easier for her to eat. Plus, it smelled better than the others, I thought.)

It took a few test runs to figure out what she liked, but she scarfed down the Authority when I fed it to her. I never took away her dry food, just started limiting the amount I put out. I stopped filling the bowl, and only put about 1/4 c. (serving size according to bag) out per day. She never finishes it, she treats it more like a snack.

Anyway, thats how I figured things out...lets just hope she sticks with Authorty. Or maybe she was just getting bored and needed a switch up. Good luck to you!
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