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affects of spaying

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im just curious, after my female is spayed, will she be less stand-offish toward people? or is that just her personality. right now she seems to be sort of a one-person cat and gets irritated easily.
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It may calm her down and make her happier jaycee. But it may do only a little to change her personality, and probably for the better. It doesn't really have any negative affects, spaying. None.

How old is she?
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she is 9 months
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ailey was a real mommas girl after i got her spayed all she wanted me to do was hold her 24/7 (she has always been a very loving cat) she still wants me to hold her alot but its getting harder to do since she has gained so much weight since she got spayed she weighed 8 lbs when i took her in and she nows weighs 14 lbs. DH says she looks like she swollowed a bowling pin.
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I've had two females both spayed before six months. One always looked sleek but she was like that as a kitten. The other one, Pixel, has always had a belly, even when little, about three or four pounds. That belly remains though she is not overweight. She weighs about 11 pounds now. I'm told she may lose weight now that I'm feeding her mostly wet food.

It may be very difficult to tell if spaying changes their personalities--I haven't noticed it. The last girl was mean, and stayed that way until I started letting her outside, then she got a little more relaxed. Pixel's just been a darling the whole time, until recently when we adopted two kittens. Now she is grumpy.

I've always heard things about it changing them, but how, I never really understood. I thought it was a series of myths, but there could be some truth to it so I will keep reading this thread.
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In my experience, spaying does very little to improve a cats personality. A grumpy, stand-offish female cat is likely to be much the same after spaying.
There may be some minimal improvement, but nothing to rave about.
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