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I love my job!

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A happy job post for the day

I only just got my work permit for over here in the US fairly recently, and finally got a job which I started 2 1/2 weeks ago.

The same week I started the new job, I started studying a new degree externally from Australia, so to say things have been hectic is an understatement!

It's been about 8 years since I last studied, and I was never good at applying myself to my work, so I'm just learning how to study properly. One of the subjects is very time consuming as well, so I get home from work, and spend all night studying, plus all weekend.

The job is fantastic (Marketing Administrator for a software company), but it's very busy, and I don't stop while I'm at work. So after just a couple of weeks I already feel a little burnt out!

I mentioned to one of the girls today that I was thinking about asking the boss if I could work half days every now and again to help give me some extra time to study since I'm constantly studying while feeling exhausted, and that if it came down to it, study was more important to me, especially since I took a pay cut to be at the job!

She mentioned it to the boss, and the next thing the boss is on the phone to me (she works from home most of the time), and the next thing I know, I've got half a day off every week (whichever day I choose), the option to work from home the other half of the day that I have off so I don't need to come into work, and a pay rise! The pay rise was only $1.50/hour, but it meant so much to me that the boss thinks so much of me after such a short time and looks after her staff so well, that she gave me all of that in a flash!

I just so did not expect her to be so kind, and I have never been in a job where the boss has looked after their staff so well!

I feel very happy now and so much more relaxed about study now that I know I have some more time for it, and can function better at work since I hopefully won't be so drained!

A great way to start the weekend
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That is SO great!
That's how my new job is also.
Today my 4yr olds daycare closed early and I asked my mom to watch him for me since she was off work.. Well at lunch I went and picked him up to take him to mom... Well mom apparently locked herself out of the Jeep and couldn't get to a phone.I was in a panic. She wasn't answering her cell and wasn't home. My dad started freaking too because she was no where to be found.. I had to go to my work with my 4yr old and explain to them what happened...(I've only been ther 4 days) and I was So scared they would be upset... well they said if I needed to I could have Deacon there w/me! It was SO cool of them! But me knowing Deacon I knew he would make too much noise while class was in session ( I work in a university classroom) that it would be a distraction..So they sent me home... PAID!.. and even called later to make sure I found mom... That's when I explained to them that she had another blonde moment Did I mention she left the Jeep running and now has ice cream melted on her brand new jeep's seats? ...
It's so great to have jobs that are understanding... It's a rare thing now!
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Congradulations on your new job!
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Congrats on your job! Glad to hear that you like it.
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