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My old boss just passed

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Just wanted to ask for some feel good vibes from you all. I got a phone call from a friend and the guy I used to work for passed away n his sleep this morning. He has been in ill health as long as I have known him but he took care of me like I was family. He was a grump most of the time to most people but treated me like gold. I am very torn apart about this. Please keep his family and the people the worked for him in your prayers through this tough time!!
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It sounds like you were a very special person to him.
My sympathy and prayers for his friends and family's loss.
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Oh that is so sad. I will deffinately keep everyone in my prayers.
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This is so sad and must come as quite a shock, Brandi. He may have put forth a grumpy exterior at times, but sounds as if he had a beautiful heart. This has to be such a difficult time for you as well as his family and fellow co-workers. Death is so difficult to grasp, one moment he is here, the next he is gone. He passed peacefully in his sleep, and is now in perfect health. You are in my prayers during this painful time.
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Your former boss, his family, and you will be in my prayers.
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Brandi, I'm very sorry to hear of this. Sending many prayers
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THanks everyone. The funeral is at 10 this morning. I feel better about it this morning but it is still a shock. Thanks for all the prayers!!
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Continuing to send prayers to the family, friends and former coworkers of this man. It sounds like he might have often been misunderstood, and being a cat person, it makes sense that you would have been one of the few who really understood the man. May he be greeted warmly over RB, and visit happily with all our TCS cats, dogs & horses who have gone on before..
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