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Missing Soldier-Need Prayers

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I just got word that tthey are missing a soldier from traing in the base where i work. PLease everyone pray the he be found unharmed and safe. All your prayes and vibes will be appreciated by him and his family aswell as the rest of the base!!
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Sending many prayers and vibes their way
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sending tons of vibes!
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I'll pray and hope that this innocent person is OK!
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Prayers that he is found soon. What a scary time for his loved ones and co-workers!
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Many prayers that he will be found soon
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I hope everything turns out and that he is found and is OK>
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I pray that he turns up safe and sound.
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Many Prayers he is found safe and well
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My family will pray that he has a safe return. I hope and pray that everything is alright.
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Prayers and good vibes coming from me. Is there any news today?
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((((((Prayers and Good Vibes)))))))) :hug:
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