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3 week kitten

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Hello everybody, I am new to this site, and need some advise. I have found a 3 week old kittten in the alley, and of course took him/her in. I am feeding the littel guy with AD canfood, mixed with kitten formula using a syringe, without a problem, the kitten is eating very well. The problem is getting him/her to go to the bathroom, I am following the steps i read on diffrent wesites, but he/she won't go. The vet had giving some fluid under the skin 2 days ago, which he urinated, but since then I wqasn't able to get him to go. Any suggestions???

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What exactly have you tried? I've read on here to rub their little bottoms with a warm, wet towel, similar to their mother licking them
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Thats what i have been doing, i get a washcloth, wet it with warm water and stimulate the little guy, but he won't go.
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huh, I don't have another advice for you then, sorry, but I'm sure someone more knowledgable will be along...
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well, maybe he isnt ready to go yet and needs all the food he can get. What age is it that they usually go on there own?
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Originally Posted by scuns68 View Post
well, maybe he isnt ready to go yet and needs all the food he can get. What age is it that they usually go on there own?
Does he seem constipated?? I would follow the advice on this site:

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On Wednesday evening i took him to the vet because of the pos coming out of a strange infection, that worried me. He was giving a antibiotic shot and fluids, which he peed out later on in the evening. Since then I am feeding him with a syrenge AD can food and formula mixed, he/she eats that 3 times a day, and until today no poopie, so reading several websites I found out they dont go every day. He/she is very alert and fiesty, everything seems fine but that. So I am a little worried.
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I would think he should be going at least one poop per day. Did you ask the vet when you had him back in?
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I will have to call if I cant get him/her to eat. Hopefully everything works out, thanks.
post #10 of 17 will give you ideas on how to stimulate the kitten. I would also be diluting his formula/food with more water to make it easier to pass it along.
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I read about 10 diffrent websites and tried it all but he won't go, I will contact the vet to see what we can do.
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scuns68, I had to do this with three different kittens. Two I put their bottoms under a warm trickle of water in the sink and stimulated them and it came right out. The other was a little more difficult. He didn't respond to stimulation on his bottom at all. I would lay him on a pee pee pad and rub a certain area on his belly or along the back or the inside of his back leg/thigh. It always took longer with him and it took finding just the right spot to stimulate. I hope you can get it figured out and everything works out okay.
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Thanks for all your advise, I still cannot get him to go by stimulating him, but hes going on his own and I just have to clean the little mess up, that is ok. We had a check up yesterday, when I furst brough him home 1 week ago h had 140 grams, now the little guy has 267 grams - perfectly fine, I think we made it, thanks again.
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Thanks for the update! That's wonderful to hear.
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So great to hear little kitty is doing good.

When are we getting pics?
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very pleased to hear your kitty is doing well!

ooh yes & pics purrlease!
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I would love to show you all a pic, unfortunatelly i don't have a camera. But little guy is a perfect little guy, he is using the litter box already - 4 weeks old !!!
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