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Applied at Two Places

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I went to two places. The first one was for Qwest DSL. The newspaper ad said inbound customer service. Well, I go there. They scheduled me for 2:30. They interviewed me on the spot. I thought I would make a great impression since I dressed professionally, was fifteen minutes early, and brought a resume. Some of the other people wore jeans and did not look at all professional. Then the interviewer told me that what I would be doing is NOT sitting in cubicle. I would be going with a group of people to customers' houses and selling products. I said no to this one.

The second one was Alamo Rental Cars. I applied there a few months ago while I was in school and rejected it because they wanted me to work on Saturdays. I couldn't go because I was attending school. But now that I am free I applied again. I think this time I will get it. The pay is $7.29 an hour. But they pay insentives for working afternoons, weekends, and bilingual. I can do all three. And the company is 20 minutes by bus from my house. I will see how it will go. Wish me luck! I really want this job.
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Good luck!!! I really hope you get the job!
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Good luck!
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Good luck, Alicia!

I faxed 2 resumes yesterday, both for insurance offices: 1 is for a CSR and the other is for an admin. assistant.

Next week, Tuesday& Wednesday, I go to a career outplacement thing..... ummmmm....... a workshop, I guess you could call it? Motorola has an outplacement firm who helps people find jobs, so maybe this will help.
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Good luck with the interview - fingers crossed here for you
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Good luck to both of you!
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Nena and Tigger....have either of you heard any news on the jobs you put in for yet?? If it is in a new thread, I apologize, I haven't as of yet gotten to the new threads. I will shortly.
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