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pulling out fur

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My 6 year old male cat seems to shed a lot. We try brushing him but he still sheds, he also seems to pull out big clumps of fur with his mouth. He has no bald spots, no fleas or anything, a few times a week I will come home to a couple of big clumps of his black hair all in one spot on the carpet, usually where he was just laying, I have also seen him pulling it out. Is it a sign of any medical problems? He has a very good non stressed life and gets a lot of attention. Anyone have any info?? Thanks.
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My Abby is a fur puller. For her, it is a combination of stress, along with food & flea allergies. It probably wouldn't hurt to run the problem by your vet. Sometimes cats do pull out fur when they are in pain. The vet could also look at the area where he is pulling to determine if there is a rash, etc.
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Thanks, he seems healthy and happy but I am going to get him checked out anyway just to make sure.
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I've seen cats pull out clumps of hair is when they were having an allergic reaction to something (food related). But this usually led to bald patches and red irritated skin.

My boy Naraku pulls on his hair in between his toes when he's cleaning. But he doesn't pull it out. I think he's just getting any stuck litter out. Perhaps this is just the way yours cleans himself. Does he do this while doing regular grooming? You can always brush him more. I have to brush my girl everyday...she makes me. lol

You can always ask a vet and see what they have to say.
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