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About a month or so ago, my uncle and aunt took in a stray cat. Actually it was my uncle, the one who says he doesn't like cats, he just tolerated the 2 they already had. Needless to say, he has become quite fond of Twiggy, as they call the cat.

They live in a wooded area, with a lot of stray cats hanging around. In fact, Woody is another cat they have named. He is currently outside, but they feed him and leave him toys. My uncle sounds like he likes this one, too, so it's only a matter of time. . .

They found out that Twiggy is deaf, and was pregnant at the time they took her in. She had 5 kittens on Sunday. Here is a link to a picture of one of the kits, they haven't been able to photograph all of them, since they're trying to keep handling to a minimum for the first few days.

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What a beautiful baby! That really brightened up my afternoon. Thanks for sharing!
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What a sweet face!
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Ah! I've never seen so young and small a kitten. Thank-you for the pictures.
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What a sweetie-pie! Can't wait to see the others!
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He's absolutely precious!
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How cute!
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