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Kitten Update/Question

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I put some pictures of MaxSheba's babies on a link under pictures if anyone wants to see them. They are just link but I haven't had time to resize and stuff yet. The kittens are all playing and play fighting. I am noticing, what I think, is a little less feeding time. They all still cry alot when picked up, except for Hope. They are all curious and look outside the nest but we have no escape artist yet They are all pretty much mama's babies. Today I looked and you can see baby teeth. I was astonished! How cute!

Here are my questions though:
I read the calendar and they should be soon able to excrete on their own. My hubby and I have had the same question though, excrete where? Since they are not litter trained. What approximated time will they show some interest in other foods? They play with each other now, would now be a good time to get them some toys, the feathers or so? If someone could answer those questions we would really appreciate it. Thank you

Well it so small now, but here is a small picture of one of them.
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well with Kitty's first litter she pretty much licked/ate their excretions until they were about 4 or 5 weeks (i think) and then they should be litter trained. i did that by putting them in the litter and scraping their paws around in it.

they should start eating solid food (wet food first) about 4 or 5 weeks (somewhere around there) they might not catch on right away so dont get fisterated.

as for the toys i think that is a good idea but done get anything they would choke on (if i'm wrong please someone correct me)

they are so adorable BTW!!!!
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Go to the dollar store and get some low aluminum baking pans...the disposable ones. Then put clay litter in one or two...remember, no scooping litter! Put the kittens in the litter pans after they eat...as Josh said, you can show them how to paw in the litter. Maybe even put a Momma poo in it, if she doesn't. Then they will start pooing and peeing in the litter box. It is just so darned cute...you won't believe it! I ALWAYS want to take pics of them learning to use the litterbox...but I restrain myself!
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