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She Got Out!

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I woke up this morning to find that my new mom Spots had gotten out!! She wasn't out long to the best of my knowledge, about 45 -60 minutes. She has 2 doors between her and the outside and both managed to get open! We have an older cat who jumps up at the doorknobs and can sometimes succeed in opening them. Also, if a door is not 'clicked' but is shut, she will push until it opens.
I have SO much going on right now, I am SO stressed out that this was like the icing on the cake for me! I don't believe she had the chance to meet up with any other cats out there and she came in when I called--which is a first!
Her babies are now 12 days pld and doing ok. The smallest is still about an oz behind the others at just over 10 oz.
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Well first, don't stress yourself out. It is no good for you, or your baby. Second, just do whatever you can do to ensure that she isn't escaping because she can get pregnant again and that would not be good or you, her, or the future kittens. I'm really sorry to hear that this happened, but I know the feeling my baby is pining for the outside now too. They wont stray too too far because they have kids at home, but they may be in heat so be careful. Maybe its time for confining her to the bathroom with all her amenities, or maybe a large crate for times when the doors are open.
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You are probably lucky and she's not pregnant. I'd make a vet appointment soon and have her spayed just in case.
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She is usually closed in an empty bedroom, and the ONLY thing I can figure is that the other cat opened the doors, because we were all still asleep and the last thing I do at night is make sure all the doors and windows are closed.
Maybe it was a conspricy or something because both the bedroom and back door were open just a little bit...one cat feeling sorry and letting the other one out!
Now when I go to bed, I will just place a chair against the back door so it CAN'T be opened!
I can't have her spayed yet but will do it soon.
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How frustrating...but it's good she came right back and we will keep our fingers crossed that she did not mate during her excusion. The chair against the door sounds like the best way to ensure she doesn't get out again.

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yeah that is a good idea... the way Kitty gets out is under my doors or out windows so watch those too. i'm glad she is back. diefinetly confine her now so you dont end up in the same mess i'm in.
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