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Betta Trio

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I have caught the betta fever and I like it. I started out with just a single Crowntail red male in a little 1/2 gallon tank. Here are a few of his pictures.

(The water is a little cloudy because this is a picture I took when he was in his new 3-4 gallon.)

And then I went to the Petstore a few weeks later and found this girl. She is a red Veiltail.

Then just this Wednesday, I went to Petsmart again and my sister convinced me to get another male. He's a red and white/clear Crowntail. Kinda shy, but who isn't when you've come to a new home.

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WOW! How cute! Thanks, I opend up my betta bite. :p Now I HAVE to get another one ;p And I'm not aloud!
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Awww, the little girl is so cute! They're beautiful!

Welcome to Bettaholics Anonymous
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Bettas are so beautiful! My friend has one, and I might be getting one too. They are too nice to resist.
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I love your red crowntail he reminds me of the Betta I used to have named "Bob"...with all this Betta talk I'm going to get the fever again!
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Ohh, pretty bettas! I recently caught "the betta fever" again, and bought two.
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I love Betta fever. When I have my own place, I'll get more. My sister and I want to breed them.
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They're beautiful!
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I got one about a month ago, and he is thriving in his 2 gallon tank. He is quite the handsome fellow, with an orange body, blue, red, and purple fins. I still haven't put anything in the tank, decorations, etc, but I will find the right thing eventually.
The kits love him. I got the cutest pic of Fluffy showing him her tummy with her nose right against the tank, and the betta nose to nose with her. One of these days I am going to learn to post pics.
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