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Which Adult Cats food is the Best?

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Hi all, Can someone tell me which cat food is the best? Specially dry food that my cat is used to. She's using Iams for 2½ years...Thanks in advance
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jlphilli posted this in a different thread and I agree with it!
Originally Posted by jlphilli View Post
I would make canned food the MAJORITY of the diet. It mimmicks the cat's natural food the best (w/ all the moisture). Canned foods are fortified just like dry foods, so they aren't just considered a "treat," they are more nutritious than dry foods. As to how much canned to give, how much does your kitty weigh? I would feed two canned meals a day and leave dry out in case he gets the munchies.

Dry food I would recommend:

Innova (www.naturapet.com)
California Natural (www.naturapet.com)
Felidae (www.canidae.com)
Natural Balance (found at Petco)
Royal Canin (www.royalcanin.us---found at Petsmart and Petco)
Chicken soup (www.chickensoupforthepetloverssoul.com)
Solid Gold (www.solidgoldhealth.com)
Eagle Pack (www.eaglepack.com)
Eukanuba (most hate it, but I like the high meat content--up to your discretion)
Spa Select (found at Petsmart)

Canned foods I would recommend:

Meow Mix (pouches and "tubs")
Natural Balance
Innova (and Innova EVO)
California Natural
Nutro Natural Choice
Spa Select
Eagle Pack
Chicken Soup

Grats on your new kitty!!!!!!!!!
I personally feed Solid Gold dry and my cats love it. Though I only feed canned food once a day (at night). But my cats have been doing great this way.
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Thank you so much xandlyn for the quick reply..good info.
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Good list but I would add Nutro( dry) , Evangers ( comes in wet and dry)... Merricks, Authority( petsmart) and Pet gold (petco) for wet
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I was just going to ask if Merrick's was a good one. I found a great deal on it today but the feed store will then stop carrying it. I am wondering if I should go back and buy the rest of it (A ton). I noticed that meat or fish was always first on the list of ingredients, and often second and third on the list too...
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