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Kitty Cough

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When I brought Maui home last Saturday I noticed he had a little bit of a cough. He seemed to cough a little less frequently throughout the day & on Sunday but I still brought him in to the vet on Monday for his first visit & to check on his cough.

The vet said he sounded like he had a very mild upper respatory infection and she perscribed Amoxicillan 2 times a day (1/2 cc or whatever). So on Monday he got just one dose & then he's been on schedule ever since. Well today is Friday and I think his cough is worse! It's not very frequent but when he does cough it's much louder & powerful sounding. He has to go back on Monday to be rechecked on the cough & also to get some shots.

My question is do their coughs usually get a little worse before they get better? Or is this abnormal?

I said cough 8 times- cough, cough, cough! It doesn't even sound like a word to me anymore!
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Maybe he's just getting al lthe mucous out? cause don't antibiotics break it up, so now he's coughing to get it out... if it's not gone when the meds are, I'd be bach at the vet, maybe you could call the vet now, just to be sure
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