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New Cat Food

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I've recently started feeding my cats new food that I had bought (Purina One). I had previously been feeding them Purina Friskies. I hear Purina One is supposed to be brilliant and I have to admit, my cats love the new food and their coats are looking more glossy and they seem to be more energetic.
Does anyone else feed their cats this brand? what are your opinions?
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I don't feed Purina One. I don't like all the grains (rice, corn, wheat) and I don't like by-products (see back of bag for ingredient list). But if your cats are doing great on it then you shouldn't worry about what others think about the food.
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I wouldn't touch it, but it's definately a step up from Friskies. I also do not like the low quality ingredients they put in their food.
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One is a step or two up from Friskies... so your doing them better ... Personally some Ones formulas arent bad but no I too wont feed it ///
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The OP is in Botswana, so I would venture a guess that her feeding choices are quite limited.
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thanks for your responses. My vet sells specialised food for cats.
What can you guys recommend, as I do want to try and feed them the best?
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I don't know if you can get this where you live but this is a canned food I started buying our Ping. We got it at the local grocery store:

I buy the top one listed on the page.
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Thanks for your help, it looks like a brilliant brand, but unfortunately i can't get it here. Here they sell food for cats such as Dr Hill's Science Diet, etc.
I think I just need to check with my vet.
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I used to use Purina One for my Ragdoll Hershey, he did terrible on it los 2 pounds.... I've switched him to Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul. He Loves it, I would go for a better food then the Ones.. IMO
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Ask your vet what foods he/she can get, then tell us ... Hills isnt one I would feed but ingrediants do vary by country ...
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I fed my cats Purina One for 9 years and was pretty happy with it. But recently a breeder recommended Royal Canin for one of my cats so I started that cat on it and decided I like Royal Canin better so I am now switching all my cats over to Royal Canin.
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Another option if you are unable to find much commercial food is to learn how to feed a proper home made diet.
I'm sure your cat will do very well on it as it's a healthier diet all around.
I personally would not feed Purina anything.

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Is there a way you could find out the options and then ask us what we think? We could recommend all kinds of things but it would be easier if you told us the choices first.

Hills is not great, I would think its just about the same as Purina which isn't great either. Nothing special really. Vets really aren't that knowledgable on nutrition, he will recommend foods like Hills and Iams becuase thats what they sell. Those are not good foods though.
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purina one isnt that bad, its not a really GOOD one but its WAAAAYYYY better than friskies!!!!
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