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The daily thread August 11, 2006

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Well I'm recovered from my wasp stings other than a bit of itcheing. In did locate the nest which is in my compost bin holes so I will have to dust that area. I was a zombie all day Wed because I took a 24 antihistamine I thought I only took a 8 hr one!!!
Yesterday drove to mom and dads took them to lunch, did some shopping with mom and came home and did some weeding in veg garden-its horrible full of weeds!!
Today I'm returning the 7 pallets and picking up a few items we need to finish the patio, then my quilt is ready, grocery shopping and other errands too.
Have cool plans tonite as the Pyrotechics Guild Intnl is having the grand finale tonite. My friend lives about a mile from the racetrack so lots of people are going their to watch. At 9 pm the guild will attempt to set a world record by lighting off 9.6 million firecrackers in 5 minutes. On tv this am a spokesperson said this weighs 30,000 lbs and part of it will be strung up on a crane 90 ft in the air!! Then they will have a $250,000 show with shells from Italy and Spain included in this show. How cool is that!!!
So thats the plans for the day-what about you????
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wow, that fireworks show sounds awesome!

I'm just really glad its Friday, this week has been a tough one, Aunt Flo is visiting, got 3 new cats, and have been working 10 hrs everyday I've really realized how much I do not want kids cause I wouldn't be able to handle it. Anyway, not too much going on for me this weekend, but working as usual. I'm going to try to shampoo my living room carpet and do all my dishes too, but other than that I am sitting my behind on the couch!
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TGIF! I am ready for this week to be done and over with!! Tonight I don't plan on doing a whole lot other than a couple of loads of laundry, cleaning up a little, and of course the never ending task of scooping poop! I think I am gong to pick some chinese up for dinner and call it a night.
Saturday Lee has race 4 in the state race series.. So far we are 3rd in points. He really needs a win so ya'll be thinking about us winning!! Sunday I will have some extra cuddle time with my girls!!

Have a good weekend everyone!!
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This weekend my girlfriends are coming over for a girls weekend (my hen night) Not too much what's on the agenda yet though.

Have a great weekend all!!
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The heat wave is finally gone! Maximum today is 21C (70F) and it should be mainly sunny. So I'm out for a bike ride!

Other than that, nothing exciting going on today.
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Good Morning Everyone!

Well, yesterday this princess tried to live up to that "super-Gail" reputation.... saying to myself: "I can do some yard work! So what if I break a nail!" My yard is a disaster, and I'm fine with that... but I am having a small b-day party in a few weeks, and I thought it would be nice to remove some of the woods that are creeping over the fence into my yard. Actually, it's so bad, you can't really see much of the fence anymore . So I donned some shears, and my kitchen gloves, and got to cutting. I barely made a dent in the protruding woods, broke a nail through the glove, and got smacked in the face with a branch. So now, I have 3 scratches on my face & a brush burn on my eyelid. I am sore everywhere. And I know now, that Gail truly is a miracle among women, and a super hero! (and I will be paying the 9 yr old twins $20 a piece to do my yard work!)

*** My hats off to you Gail!!!

I have 2 parties to go to this weekend, and will look sooooo beautiful with my face all cut up. Hubby got a kick out of this, and kept joking "she got in a fight with the branch, and the branch won!" So not funny....

Hope everyone has a great day & a great weekend!!!
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Happy Friday!! We get our new kitty today!!! We bought her new dishes, a carrier, and several types of wet food for her to try. I'm so excited!
Yesterday I made fried chicken and au gratin potatoes for dinner. Sooo tasty but I splashed hot oil all over my right foot
I get off of work at 6, but that's ok because I'm working all day with my ex-roommate/close friend. And it's pretty quiet down here today. After work I'll go home and make dinner, and after we eat we'll go pick up the kitty. I plan on spending all of the evening in the bedroom with her. I hope the transition goes smoothly- because my brother doesn't own a carrier for her and hasn't taken her to the vet this year (he's only had her for 5 months) I have no idea how she'll react to it. I'm going to brush her to calm her down, beforehand, and put some treats in the carrier. We'll see how it goes...
I'll post pictures in the pic forum tonight or tomorrow!
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Gail, those fireworks do sound awesome! Wish I could be there and see them.

For some reason, my left calf muscle has been hurting. Weather change? Evil spirits? Gnomes?
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Aches and pains are my middle name!!
I was at TJ Maxx trying on some non essential stuff today and noticed that my knees look dirty!!! Granted I'm on my knees alot weeding but I scrub them every day!!!
If one wants to garden-fingernails are sacrified as who really wears gloves??? Scratches are expected too!!
Good attempt though!!
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Sounds like everyone had a fun time today! But leave that outside junk for the guys to do! I'll stick to the inside stuff thanks!
I worked all day and got off an hour late, (big shocker!) But I got alot done again and with the manager there I didn't have lots to do because she did some of it for me!
Before I left, I bought the closers vanilla frostys from Wendys. They are new here and they wanted to try them! I was feeling nice so I bought them each one.
Otherwise tomorrow working again and then off for 2 days!
Have a fantastic weekend!
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I am so glad its the weekend, this has been a long and stressful week... right now I am trying to get used to my new eye glasses (which I have 'picked up' 3 times in the last week only to find something wrong with them again) and they are giving me a headache (not helped by the margaritas I have been drinking).

I am looking forward to some housework tomorrow and spending Sunday with Matt before he has to go away for work again and am hoping for an easier week than last week
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TGIF here too! I just feel like I've been on an emotional roller coaster for a couple weeks. What with my health and Smudge...

My hubby and son are out of town, and my daughter has 3 friends over. Hmmph. So much for a quiet Friday night! And the neighbors are having a party and the stoopid dog (mine) goes crazy if anyone gets near the fence. But...At least I'm here on TCS, and the roller coaster is up right now!
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