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Bach Flower Remedy -- is this for real?

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I was reading in Kittens for Dummies that this is recommended for calming a pet when travelling. Since I am considering taking my 5 mo old kitten on a plane in Dec -- I looked it up on the net.

It sounds like a punch of hocus pocus. Has anyone tried it? Did you spray it in the carrier or actually give to your cat to ingest?

Would love to know more about it.
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Bach Flower Remedies are wonderful, and yes, they DO work. I know many people who use them themselves, and they work equally well on animals. Some companies have come out with specific formulas for animals, but I don't know how much of a difference it makes.
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So does the cat actually ingest it and if so, how?
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I believe its an aromatherapy sort of thing. Don't you apply it to the ears? I can't remember...
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I use Bach Rescue Remedy on jasmine to calm her down a bit and sort out her toiletting issues.

You can either apply it to their ear flaps, their paw pads or i just put a few drops in her food. Its great!
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I've always given Rescue Remedy orally- just a drop for a cat.
I've used this stuff for decades, mostly in competition dogs, and in humans.

Don't think it's going to sedate or tranquilize them- it's not. A crazy stressed cat could still be stressed as it affects different animals differently.
Usually it just takes 10% or so of the edge off.
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I have used it as well, and know lots of people who swear by it. In fact, that reminds me it might be a good thing to use on the new hissy foster!!
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Yes, it does work! I started using it with my 10 yo cat and I've seen a dramatic change in her demeanor and behavior. She's much less stressed and much more outgoing than previously. She's started to play with our newer cat (that's the source of stress in her life!) and has really come out of her shell. I'm sold on this stuff!

I give my cat her doseage in her wet food twice a day.

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I've used it too, it's wonderful stuff. I put a drop or two on the cat's ears while petting her, and she'll calm right down. You can use it before going to the vet or clipping claws, pilling, etc. It's also very good for injured kitties, to help them get over any trauma.
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