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Hi I haven't posted in a while. used to mainly post on the cats and kitten care forum. But turns out my cat was either having a false preg. or a miscarriage and absorbed them. not sure which as she didn't go into heat for almost 4 mo. exactly!

But anyways. My daughter has 4 english budgies and 1 American budgie. well the American used to be in a cage on her own and allowed to fly around the room. the other 4 were strictly for breeding and not social. Well her american wanted to make friends with them so was allowed in the cage with them. Well wouldn't ya know it she paired up with one of the English males and has since laid 4 eggs. not sure if she is done as another is due to be layed tonight. We also aren't sure if they are fertile or not. my daughter saw them atempt to mate but when she saw he fell off so not sure if he finally got it right or what. LOL The first egg is due to hatch from between the 21-26th of Aug. and figures we are in FL from the 19th-27th! LOL

so that is it for me for now. will try to update.

anyone else have budgies?