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What's the Dumbest Thing You've Ever Done?

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Come on, confess. You can't be dumber than I was the day I couldn't get the tape out of the VCR. Well, I was so sure it was stuck in the back I put my hand in to see if there was tangled tape in front. You guessed it! The VCR thought I was a tape and pulled my hand in. (I am a classical pianist, so that makes the whole thing worse!) I tried to use my other hand to pull the plug, but the outlet was several inches out of reach. The phone was 6 feet away, and no one was expected to be home soon. I don't blame you if you're laughing. I didn't know what to do, but fortunately when I wiggled my fingers and pulled for a little while, I got my hand out. No damage to me or the VCR. Now, you're next. I hope you can top this, because I'm tired of being the dumbest person I know! Oh, I found the tape on the floor behind the TV later.
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I can't stop laughing.........

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A old work colleague was bending over the fax machine sending some paperwork through to a customer, unfortunately he didn't realise that his tie was also slowly but surely being drawn into the machine with the paper..... He started to panic when his head was pressed up against the fax machine and he called for help. Luckily a passing female came to his rescue and pressed the stop button on the machine.

Yes, I know this isn't about me, but I'm trying to sort through the various stupid things I've done in my life
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Well, the most recent stupid thing I've done is when I got the new computer. The first night I had it, I was up late playing with it. My husband goes to bed early, so he was already asleep. At one point, when I tried to print, the computer crashed. It got hung up and woudldn't reboot when I did the Ctrl-Alt-Del thing. So I decided I better just turn it off with the power button. I couldn't! I kept pressing it and pressing it, and nothing happened. I finally got my husband out of bed (very dangerous, since he's SO grumpy when woken up) to turn it off for me. He's a Project Manager in an IT deparment, so I figured he'd know what was wrong with it. Anyway, he got up, came downstairs, and pressed the button and held it in for about 15 or 20 seconds. Then it shut off. I had no idea you had to hold the button in! I guess these new fangled machines are just too much for me.

My dad says sometimes I revert to a blonde!
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I wouldn't have known that. I'm glad your husband let you live, anyway!
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Jeanie, I'm glad you got out of that ok! I can't think of any one incident. I tend to be a bit accident prone, it's getting better as I get older, but I still get weird bruises and run into things. My mom used to call me an accident waiting to happen, or dopplich as the Dutchies around here say.

I bang my head on the kitchen cabinets if I am putting away dishes, and forget to look up.
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There are so many it's hard to pick one, but I can.

I was vacuuming the chair in the living room and had the hand held attachment hooked up to the vacuum cleaner. I was removing the cushion with one hand and holding the vacuum attachment in the other. Now, I had very long hair at the time and when I bend over to get the cushion the other hand bend with me. As you have probably already guessed the vacuum attachment sucked in my hair. So here I was with the vacuum attachment stuck to the side of my head and my hair tightening around the roller and me trying to get my hair out, but not thinking well enough to turn the darn vacuum cleaner off. Needless to say, one side of my head had more hair than the other for a while.

If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at.
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