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This is a picture of Chachi with her 4 month old kittens. She is the one at the top left corner.
I am having problems deciding what to do with them. I don't want to but I can't afford to htave them all spayed or neutured.
I don;t want to take them to the animal shelter because I'm afraid of what may happen if they don't get adopted.
I have asked friends and family and no one seems to want one.
Any suggestions?
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Call every humane society and shelter in the area youll likely have at least one that is a no kill or a low kill( they adopt out all adoptable animals) ... If not youll likely find out about low cost spay and neuter which would also help you... Rescues may be able to take them on and adopt them out
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Set out an announcement in the newspaper and posters around town. To make sure that they go to a good home list a few requirements, a small sum or money you will have for them and that you will be checking up on how they are doing at different intervals of time.

Tipper and Proffy's mum, Anjya
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Whatecer you decide to do, keep in mind that at about 5 months there is a risk that the males in the litter can start to get the mother and female siblings pregnant. So decide quickley

Search around for low cost clinics. There are tons of them just gotta look for them.
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Are you from Laredo, Texas? Here is a list of low cost spay neuter places in TX. I'm not sure how close Laredo is to DFW, Houston, Austin, Victoria, Waco or San Antonio but hopefully this will help:

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