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last orphan update

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I took the kits to our Vet on Monday for wormer and general visit.I asked the Vet how old they were.....he said atleast 7 weeks old and that they were healthy.
My hubby is going in to have knee surgury and will be off for 6-8 weeks.That will put a strain on us financially.So, I asked if they were old enough to go to their new homes..........I was assured they were.
So, after ALOT of talk about what was fair to Blaze,Neela,Corwin and the kits.We decided to place ALL of the kits in their new homes.The last little girl went to her new home today, that one being Malana.I couldn't see in my heart of hearts as US being the perfect home for her.She went to live with a Vet's assistant,where I KNOW she will get all the things she needs.Such as shots,wormings,better food,and more one on one time.
It broke my heart to let her go....but it was the right thing to do for her.
I have asked all of the new owners to update me and send me occasional pics of them.The house seems sooooo quiet,but it was the right thing to do.
Thanks to all for going on this journey with me and helping me out.
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Oh what a sad day for you. Im sure that was very hard, but comforting in knowing they are all in good homes now. Its so hard letting go and takes a lot of strength to do it, especially for the benefit of others. Hope your hubbys surgery goes well. And that "missing place" will be filled soon.
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