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where do you sit at work?

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I've noticed a lot of people log on from their jobs and it got me to thinking, where do you sit, in an office or a cubicle? I just started a new job on Monday and I sit in a room with 4 other people, with no cubicles or anything, so everyone can see and hear what everyone else is doing. Besides that, I sit right next to the door to my bosses office, and she can see my desk (and my computer screen) from her desk. The result: No TCS at work for me!

So where do you guys sit that you can log on to TCS so much and not caught?
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I have a cubicle with low walls.. so everyone can see what I am doing at work at all times. My boss however could care less if I am on line or not, as long as my stats don't suffer. If we are busy I can't post as much, if we are slow I can sit on TCS all day if I want to.
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I have a very small cubicle (but at least I have it to myself), and my back is toward the opening, so I have to be careful too. I actually go in through my web-based home email, so I have a sort of a banner that says Webmail, instead of TCS. And I scrunch it up really small so I can only read about 4 lines of type. But so can everyone else!
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I'm hardly ever on here at work, I'm right at the front desk (big desk too!) though with no one really around me or watching what I'm doing, just people occasionally coming in and out and co-workers passing through. I'm usually too busy to be on here at work and I just enjoy being on TCS more when I'm at home for some reason, so I rarely post at work.
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Unfortunately I can't log on at work, per company policy. I have a very few times for important purposes of course! I kind of sit in a corner of my classroom. Confidentiality is a big issue for me at work. It stinks! The day would go sooo much faster if I could get on here!
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I was the only person in my office ,
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i teach school. i'm a content mastery teacher, which means i help the kids that need extra help - they bring their work down to my room. what this really means is i have many times when there's no one at all in my room. so i'm there all alone anyway, even when there are students, i have a tendency to 'overhelp' so if it's a task that they need only a quiet environment for, i stay at my computer so i won't help on something they're capable of doing independently. i hope that all makes sense
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in my office, we have rows of cubicles, the low wall kind too, and I sit at the front of a row, just to the left of my supervisor, so I can see her, but she can't see me the lady who sits behind me is out on disability right now, but she wouldn't tell on me anyway
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In one office I am all alone, and even when my boss does decide to come in, he couldn't care less as long as my work is done.

In my other, we have two desks per room, with the desks facing away from each other so we can't see each other's monitors anyway, but its the kind of job where you can do whatever if its quiet but are expected to stay late and help if its busy
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I sit at a cubicle. Mine is quite spacious with very high walls. But you can kinda see my screen if you are looking right when you walk by. My boss doesn't really care as long as all my work is done.
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I sit in a cubicle with walls. I just have to make sure that there is another window I can click on when someone walks by.
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I'm in a closet that was turned into an office a long, long time ago. I sit next to the men's bathroom, which -ahem- doesn't help some of my perceptions of my male coworkers sometimes.

The upper management is moving me to another, larger/squarer office far away from the bathrooms in the next month. I can hardly wait.
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I work for our family business & sit right next to my mom all day! Even though we're next to each other I face one way & she faces the other- plus our monitors are positioned so neither of us can see what the other is doing. (Intentional on my part, I don't know about hers!) On occassion I get busted when someone comes around the back of the room but no one seems to care too much- we all fart around online during slow times in the day.

I can always tell when my mom is playing solitaire by how she clicks her mouse!!!
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I sit in a cubical. We can search the net if it doesnt effect our work.
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I have a cubicle with low walls also...but as long as you do your work, it doesn't matter if you are online....
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I work from home...so no bosses for me, lol.

When I worked in an office, though, no message boards for me. My personal feeling is you're there to do work, not to surf the net.
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I'm glad I don't work!!
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You mean some people get to sit while they're at work?

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well, I have the biggest office in the building.... the main lobby!

I used to be in another section of the building, but they did this restructuring thing, and they decided not to have security in the lobby anymore during the day, and moved me to the lobby (cause of my pleasant disposition! ). So I have a desk that is 20 feet long, and the biggest office in the house. And people don't come behind my desk often (except 1-2 idiot shareholders that feel the need to lean over me and use my phone to call upstairs while they are waiting for someone). I keep TCS open all day, and just keep it minimized when I'm doing real work. I also constantly "look" busy.... and I am, happily typing replies to all of these facinating threads!!!
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
You mean some people get to sit while they're at work?

Oh, stop, you sound just like my husband!

Me: "yawwwwwwn, boy I'm exhausted!"
Hubby: "how can you be tired from sitting on your butt all day?"
Me: "well some of us actually have to use our brain at work, and that's very tiring..."
Hubby: "yeah, I'm sure it takes alot out of you being on your cat website all day, and emailing your friends!"
Me: "jealousy will get you nowhere!"
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I'm in a cubicle but my computer can be seen if anyone walks past or in the hall. i can go on TCS at breaks and at lunch, not during work.
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For half of my job I am in a nice little cozy room with cement walls (no window) that we like to call the bunker, because I am on the phone all of the time so I can log onto TCS anytime.
The other half of my job I am in a room with 2 other people no cubicle walls but no one knows what I do as my job (it's quite specailized) so they don't care what i'm doing as long as I get somthing done. Yay TCS!
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I have a large cubicle right outside the HR guy's office, and my back is to the doorway, so anybody walking past me (or standing in my cubicle to chat with somebody else -- I'm still not used to that and find it quite rude!) can see what I'm doing. I'm a temp here and nobody has actually bothered to explain their Internet policy, so I just assume I'm not really supposed to be online and flip over to something else. I do data entry all day, though, so I really need a break from seeing the same screen over and over again.
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I have my own office and i sit at my desk facing the door.
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I agree with Crystal. If you're at work, you're there to work, not to do personal stuff! I have my own office but am kept very busy all day and we are not supposed to do personal stuff while there. Having said that, we do have a computer in the staff lounge that we can use during our lunch if we want - I may be doing that! Just joined here recently so we'll see how it goes. I've been on vacation but back to work tomorrow.

Proud mommy of Loki and Nana of Jacob
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It was weird--at my new job, they told me they couldn't hook up my internet until I signed the internet policy, but then they never sent it to me, but they hooked up my internet anyway. Regardless, I'm too visible to my co-workers and more importantly my boss, to do non-work related stuff on the internet during the day. I briefly check my personal email during lunch, but that's it. I miss TCS.
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I'm in a single cubicle with high walls, but people can see what I'm doing when they walk by. I try not to make it obvious that I'm looking at TCS, but I don't think I do it that often. I do it more when I'm on a conference call, or waiting for something to load up, or if I just need a 2 minute mental break from what I'm doing.

I'm certainly very busy and get all of my work done, so nobody could complain!
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Right now I sit in a large central room that I usually share with the receptionist but she quit so now I am alone... but the boss has to walk through to get to the printer so although I'm way in a corner my screen faces in a way that he can see it if he walks through, which is often. He offered me a private office but honestly, I don't like my job, and know I would sit on the net 8 hours a day if I was alone and no work would get done so I declined.
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I start teaching tomorrow.....pre-K and K so no computer then after noon I am a secratary for my mom and she's a very busy woman......still no computer time.
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I sit in a cubicle in a pretty low-traffic area. If someone walks in I occasionally get caught, but I try to limit my TCS time to lunch and after hours (usually). It depends on how busy I am. Last week I was so busy I couldn't get here at all...either at work or any other time.
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