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I've heard of orange rind on furniture to keep them from scratching as it gets in between their toes and stings enough to keep them away. I haven't heard of pepper though.
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I wouldn't use it, simply because it is quite an irritant to my nose and eyes and cats are so much more sensitive than I am.

Have you tried just laying a sheet of bubble wrap back there? Kitty walks on it, bubbles pop, kitty freaks and flees, no one gets hurt?
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I have read everything on here and tried numerous remedies. I CANNOT get my 1 year old female cat to stop peeing outside the litterbox. I took her to the vet and she is fine. I have used the same litter since she was born. I have Littermaid litter boxes, one on each floor of the house. She still continues to pee in front of or behind, (or both) the litter boxes. She also throws litter out of the box onto the urine. Sometimes she throws the litter out and rolls in it... I am at my wits end with her, and am really upset by the lovely stains on my hardwood floors. I am afraid I will have to get rid of her unless I can get her to stop. Any new suggestions would be great.

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Get rid of the littermaid boxes. Many cats refuse to use them. Go buy two large regular litter boxes -- perhaps even purchase a rubbermaid underbed storage container and use it as a litter box. The littermaids are very small and noisy, a large silent box might be the perfect solution.

Also, a cat's preferences can change over time. Try a new unscented scoopable litter. Keep trying new litters (a different one in each box) until you find one she is comfortable with.

In the meantime, place puppy training pads around the litterbox to absorb any urine that misses the box. But, I'll bet if you get rid of those littermaid boxes and replace them with nice big boxes you will have a happy cat who has no more accidents!
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I would be inclined to agree with the fact that the Littermaids are noisy. The only thing is that we started out with one upstairs to see if they would use it. Downstairs we kept the big litterbox that we had. She used to pee in front of it, before we got the Littermaid. Then she quit doing it for awhile, and now she is at it with a vengance. We had a family emergency and had to go away for 2 weeks. My father came over and fed them and changed their boxes, but she peed all over the downstairs. When we got home, we blocked them out of the downstairs until I could get it all cleaned up. Now she is doing it upstairs. I just don't know how I can please her! She uses the boxes like a good girl and then every 10th time she goes, she pees on the floor. I am very confused!
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Okay I took the cat back to the vet again. (She was just there 2 weeks ago) and she had another UTI! I don't know why she keeps getting them.

Now I have a new problem. The vet said to keep her confined to the bathroom for the 2 weeks that she is on the antibiotic! She said this will re-train her to use the litterboxes instead of the floor. The problem is that she won't quit crying. We have been visiting with her and we even took her out and played with her in a bigger room for awhile, but she seems really freaked out by being confined. I feel terrible about it, and wanted to know if there was another way to fix her problem. I feel like we are being cruel to her.
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I wouldn't confine her, I would just add more litter boxes temporarily until she gets better. You can always take them away later. I am sorry she keeps getting UTI perhaps you should ask your vet if she has FLUTD as well?
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How many more litterboxes will we need? We also have another act in the house as well as the one with the UTI. How do I go about removing the extra litterboxes, after they are used to using them? SHould I have more than the 2 litterboxes we already have?
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The standard rule is to have one box for each cat plus one additional box. So, it would be best to have 3 boxes in your house.

When I have added and then taken away litter boxes, my cats have never had difficulty getting used to the change. So, try putting a few brand new boxes around the house for now and see how that works.

I agree with Hissy about asking the vet whether the cat might have FLUTD.
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I have been having trouble with my 7 year old male cat (also, with a 9 year old female but we had to get rid of her) who will still pee on the carpet in the dinning room. I have 3 litter boxes, use the same litter as we always have and had spent 3 months on a "retraining" program this summer. He was doing very well and then just last week peed again in the same area on the carpet. I'd only just removed the foil I'd placed on the dinning room carpet in the area that the cats used to pee on. He's been to the vet and is "healthy".

I know that the smell is not totally gone from the carpet. In fact, when it is damp, humid..I can really smell it! I have used gallons of "emzyne" cleaners and have tried another chemical cleaner that is supposed to work.. So far, none of these have done the trick. I ordered some cleaner from Planet Urine online. Has anyone tried this? Does it work? I'm at my wits end too. The carpet is only 4 years old and if this doesn't work I'm going to have to have it removed. I'm just not sure about having new carpet put down because I have a feeling that my cat will just go there again. He does use the cat littler boxes most of the time but sometimes he still goes in the dinning room. I have Feliway plug ins in the rooms and have used foil on the floor (but can't keep it there for life) to keep him off. I jst don't know what to do to elimate the odors which may be acting as a trigger for him to continue to pee there.

Any suggestions for removing the odors?
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Sharcon, I know this may sound strange (it did to me when I read it!) but vodka is supposed to work really well for totally eliminating the odor of cat urine from the carpet. One person here got sprayed by a skunk, put vodka in the washing machine with her clothes to try out the idea and it actually did get rid of the skunk smell!

Invest in a small black light and shine it all over your dining room carpet. The cat urine will glow under the black light, so you can be sure to clean all of the areas that have been marked.
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Also, urinary tract infections can come back quickly. How long ago was your cat checked by the vet? It is possible that he has developed another UTI. If so, he will keep on peeing on the rug for as long as he has this problem.
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I had him checked out the very day he peed again on the carpet (after doing very well with the retraining program). So, I'm sure it's not a bladder problem. The vet had put him on a prescription canned food and I add extra water to it because she said his urine was a bit concentrated. According to the vet, using canned food only will help eliminate some potential UTI or crystals in his urine. He's done well for the past 6 days but I'm afraid that he will be attracted to the odor and pee there again. I'm gone all day and the carpet is brown so I really don't know for sure if he goes on the carpet or not...but he does use the litter boxes.

I've never heard of using vodka! I'll try it though I don't have any in the house at the present time. I did get a black light and was surprised to see the areas I'd missed!

Crossing my fingers for some progress here! I'm really getting frustrated and not sure what more to do.
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I recently tried Vodka on an old stain that I never could get rid of the smell using enzymatic cleansers. It actually worked, but my house smelled like a bar for a couple of days!
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I have found that the best thing to use is Microdyne. It is a liquid bacteria that eats the protein that causes the odor in the urine. You have to leave it on there and keep the area wet for 24 hours, but once it dries, you and the kitty won't even know that the pee spot was there.

I buy it at an industrial cleaning supply company here where I live. It is manufactured by Misco International, so maybe you can find it somewhere in your area. I have had a HUGE problem with my cat peeing everywhere, and this stuff works!!

BTW- So far my cat has not had anothe accident since our last round of antibiotics! I also have 3 litterboxes for them. I put one of the litterboxes next to the other one in the spot where she was peeing, and it seems to work fine. I will eventually move it back to where it was, but I wanted to give her enough time to be sure she is over her UTI. I also started them on wet food.
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Ok, I found that one or both of my cats peed in my hamper, all over my dirty clothes. I washed the clothes and the smell came out of most, but my cats can still smell the odor becasue when I wear my one pair of jeans they sniff at me, and not in the usual hey Mom kind of way.

Anyhow, I am going to try the vodka when I get home, any idea how much I should use?

Thanks .
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Well I washed some pillowcases in a cup of vodka and it took the smell right out! Of course my washing machine kept hiccupping all through the cycle....very strange...
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*lol* Cute hissy .

Ok, here is another stupid question, should I use vodka and laundry detergent, or just the vodka by itself??

I used the vodka on the plastic container I use as my hamper and it did take the smell right out, and scared the cats away from it. They didn't like the smell of the vodka at all. So, I am hopeful that this will never happen again. So, now I just have the clothes left.
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We just recently moved into a new house, and for a few months we had no problem. We have two cats, one is not problem, the other is a pee monster all of the sudden. He has taken to peeing in one corner of the room, always against the wall where it is hardest to clean. Can male cats get UTI's? Someone said maybe he is diabetic (2 years old only though) We have a vet appointment for this Friday so hopefully that will clear it up more, but any suggestions on long standing pee stains/odors (my wife was hiding it from me so I wouldn't get upset, so it has been there for a few weeks after being cleaned with some cruddy supermarket "cleanser". Anything to help, we raised these two brother cats after their mother was killed, and raised them since they were small enough to fit in our hands so we could bottle feed them (only about 3 weeks old), so I am rather attached, but I am allergic to the urine. HELP!
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Male cats most definately get UTIs -- and males are the most likely to get blockages that can be quickly fatal. I am glad you are taking in your boy to get him checked because it is likely a medical problem!

Make sure you read all of the suggestions at the beginning of this thread so you will be able to end this problematic behavior (if it isn't due to medical reasons).
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For all future readers, please post your questions in a new thread to ensure that it will be read by other members and behavior experts.
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