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Very sick kitten

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Hello there,
This is a cross post from another forum, I'm hoping someone has some suggestions for a friend of mine

My kitten Squirt has an upper respiratory infection. He's been on amoxicillin twice a day since Friday, and his cough is much better. I'm concerned though because the past day or 2 he's been pretty lethargic. Not playing much, not wanting to eat that I've seen, and not urinating in the litter box. He'll poop in it, but urinates on the linoleum in different areas. I took his temp, it's at 101.5. We guesstimate his age to be about 5 weeks. He was adopted at Petsmart from the ***** Animal Shelter and the guy knew nothing about him. He was infested with fleas and had worms really bad. He's been wormed, and has been bathed twice. I haven't seen anymore fleas on him, but have seen what looks like flea dirt. His gums look pretty white, even though he's been wormed. I weighed him, and he's at 1 lb. He was at 1.3 lbs. I would think he would be gaining weight, not losing it. All he wants to do is sleep. The most he moves is to go pee or find a new spot to sleep. The vet is closed, and I don't think he's in any immediate danger of dieing during the night. I syringe fed him some beef and broth gerbers baby food with a dose of bene-bac powder (he ate about 2 tsp of baby food from the syringe), and then he ate a little bit out of the bowl. I'm getting worried. Anyone have any ideas? I'm planning on calling the vet first thing in the morning.
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Over the counter flea baths can be very toxic, especially to a young kitten. Bathe the kitten again in warm water with dawn dishwashing liquid, which will kill the fleas safely. This will also rid his skin of any toxins. Hopefully he was wormed with strongid...that is the only wormer I know of that is safe for such a young kitten.

At 5 weeks I would supplement with KMR or other kitten formula. I would also offer babyfood chicken (no garlic or onion). And when things settle down, call the shelter to complain. No kitten should be adopted out with fleas and worms. And no kitten should be adopted out at 5 weeks.
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Are you SURE he is 5 weeks only? That is just absurd for a shelter to place kittens that young. It does happen though, but I mean, he is too young to be away from mom and not nursing, let alone be adopted into a new home. But anyways, I would agree that you should offer some KMR first off. Also never ever use flea shampoos or a flea bath or anything like that for any age cat especially a young kitten. I agree to use Dawn Dish soap, that is the best and safest way to do get rid of fleas.
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Im afraid i have not got any advice. Im learning so much from you guys at the moment!!
Just wanted to say that im sorry squirt is poorly and i hope and pray he gets better!!

love and kisses to squirt, love cia xx
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