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Cat going to the bathroom!

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My sister asked me to post up a question for her

She said her cat Boo, shes 7 years old, out of nowhere in the last week has started to go to the bathroom in the kid's playroom and not her litter box.
She has never done this before, my sister caught her the other day and she was crying and pooping and she ran, hid under a bed and finished.

does anyone have any idea why she would be doing something like this!??
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did I post this in the wrong thread??

sorry if I did!!!!
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Although I am definitely no expert (and I'm certain others here will have some really good advice) - all I can tell you that after owning several cats over a period of 30 years - there is probably (most likely) a medical condition that has caused this to suddenly happen. For the most part, cats don't just change their behavior like that for no reason. Even if their litter box is very very dirty, they will pick a spot close to it to go. I had a cat years ago that suddenly started peeing in every sink we had in the house and not in his box. Come to find out he had a urinary tract infection that eventually lead to an operation. He was fine after that, but just to make a point - I would definitely definitely bring the cat to the vet. He/she probably has some kind of medical condition going on. The crying sounds definitely like a sign of a problem.
Please have your sister take Boo to the vet.
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oh my goodness okay thats what I was worried about we had a problem like that with one of our older cats, he needed surgery....

she defiately keeps the litterbox spotless so it cant be that...

thank you for that information!!!!
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I agree as well, it sounds like the kitty needs to get to a vet ASAP.
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