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lilly's babies

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there beautiful wtg lilly glad to see she is being a good mummy
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she did everything herself , wouldn't let me leave her though had to stroke her the hole time lol exxcept to post on here lol i think she is done now as it's been 2 hour's since the last 1 so final count is 3
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How precious. Way to go Lilly. She sounds like a very sweet Mom. Congrats to you, too, Grandma !!!
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What a good momma!!! Cute babies!
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Ooooh how wonderful and what a relief! They look so big too!
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How's that foot you were concerned about? Does it still look twisted?
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dosn't as much it's more so the last 2 toe's i will post a pic see if u can see it

it's the black one see it sort of clamed shut ? not the best pic
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Aww, Lilly looks content. They are precious.
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